Monday, 8 October 2007

Leicestershire police: Portuguese police are "a bunch off incompetents"

"Portuguese cops were told to sort it out," a police source told the Sunday Mirror, as the “shambolic investigation lay in tatters”, according to Grant Hodgson, the journalist that “last week exposed the long, boozy lunch breaks taken by Gonçalo Amaral”. "It's not good enough when the man who was supposed to be running the world's biggest police inquiry was taking huge lunch breaks," wrote the newspaper, quoting a non-identified police source.

“Leicestershire Police - the McCanns' local force - the Home Office and Foreign Office were all believed to have been involved in the talks. The Sunday Mirror can also reveal how DNA evidence collected by officers in Praia da Luz is being considered "fatally flawed" and "useless", says the Mirror.

A Leicestershire police source said: 'There is a huge sense of embarrassment about the whole thing. Questions are now being asked along the lines of, 'Why have we been supporting such a bunch off incompetents?', is the question being asked by Leicestershire Police, according to Grant Hodgson and the Mirror.


Anonymous said...

Leicestershire police seem to be quite arrogant and rude, don't they?

missy said...

By comparing the number of unsolved cases one can easily draw the obvious conclusion on who is in fact the most incompetent police.

Now.....take a wild guess about what figures show? It starts with a "B" ;)

In regards to this being the "world's biggest police inquiry"......well, lets not get carried away, ok?

Anonymous said...

when police officers come forward with this type of comments, its obvious they have a lot of free time.

lorely said...

just sack them.

MCarmo said...

Big trio of Leicester read Le Courrier International;portuguese version, edition 131;05/10/2007,pages 14 and 15.

If you do not know the portuguese language,you can ask to someone with more scholar instruction to translate. MCarmo

MCarmo said...

God: make,please, than the police trio of Leicester ,they can solve the case and found the litlle baby Maddie alive!
Because in Portugal all of us, we LOVE MADDIE.

And we do not like the opinion from some british papers about our Inspector ( he had, also a girl 4 years old).

Difamation is crime!

transfattyacid said...

That piece is by your mate Grant Hodgeson.... did he ring you up for the quote?

Paulo Reis said...

He send me a sms, because he needed to talk with me... I replied, asking him to call later, as I was driving my moto, on a long journey, and my next stop at a gas station would be within one hour. He didn't call again..

Anonymous said...

IF such a comment is true, it goes to show you the arrogance of those people. On the day the McCanns arrived in England, the chief of police was at their home to great them. They were official suspects. I wonder how many people get such treatment.

The sad thing in all this, is that they prefer to throw stones at PJ instead of fixing their own problems - which are many - and instead of trying to help find out what happened to little Madeleine McCann.

What have I learned from this case?
In the UK, money, class and connections are more important than a child's life. And the so-called "incompetents" are the only ones truly out there trying to find out who hurt her and why.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if those Leicester policemen have had a day off since May 3? If so, shame, shame, and more shame on them and any other British policeman or detective who has had a day off or a long lunch since May 3.

The Portuguese people and police force have behaved in a most gracious manner. May Our Lord bless them for their tremendous patience and hospitality.

Isabel said...

As a portuguese tax payer, I am infuriated with the manipulation that goes on and on in the British press. This case has not been cheap for Portugal, ultimatly I am paying for it!!!

Why is it that the british press NEVER (NEVER!!!!) cares to say the amount of police force and means that were involved in search for Maddie? Why is it that it never mentions the people already arrested for giving false clues/testimonies? Why is it that nobody mentions the amount of emails, phone calls, letters, the police had to investigate (hundreds of thousands given the worldwide campain). Why is it that it is never mentioned the quantity of credible clues thoroughly investigated (almost 300!!!) not only in Portugal, but also in Spain, Belgium, Marroco, Malta.... Did they care to inform people of this? No.
The journalist who reports about Amaral buzzy luches, never mentions the nights spent without sleep, neither the report of almost 1000 pages gathering all evidence collected untill now!!

Perhaps Amaral was right when he complaint about the British police...

Anonymous said...

non-identified police source." is usually the car washer so I wouldn't worry about it.