Sunday, 21 October 2007

Lord John Stevens, another former police chief joining the circus

Lord John Stevens, former Metropolitan Police chief, believes in the innocence of the McCann. On a opinion column in “News of the World”, he claims he has always based his conclusions on “hard evidence”, during his 30 years as a police detective. Then, he says he is making his judgement about the McCann based in what he read on newspapers: “Again, I don't say this from believing in the McCanns' innocence or their guilt. I simply don't know either way. But from the evidence I have read I don't think they did it. Unless the Portuguese police have something else, it doesn't make sense. The couple don't fit the profile and their opportunity was limited.”

Lord Stevens doesn't even know what evidence Portuguese police has. Anyway, he is so sure they are innocent that he doesn't feel the need of the same “hard evidence” he claims he always needed, in his police career.

Lord John Stevens wrote that “the possible murder scene was treated as a glorified meeting-room to organise a search for a missing child, instead of the potential treasure trove of clues it actually was. To any experienced British detective, it is incomprehensible.” He forgets to mention that Kate McCann realised Madeleine has vanished around 10.00pm but the McCann only called police almost 50 minutes after that. Why does Lord Stevens ignores this detail? Because it allows him to attack Portuguese police?

Lord Stevens wrote that “the police investigation that started so disastrously has turned to farce. Every apparent stream of evidence has been either missed, fatally compromised or is simply ludicrous.” What a pity, Lord Stevens, that a man with a distinguished career like yours accepts a so prominent role in a farce that starts to look like a circus.

Lord Stevens, chairman of Quest Ltd – Corporate Intelligence & Risk Mitigation
Lord Stevens, Gordon Brown's adviser on international security issues
Lord Stevens: "Maddie's parents are innocent"


Anonymous said...

The opinion expressed in this column is illogical. Why does this man refer to the apartment as a possible murder scene that has been contaminated and then say that the McCann's don't fit the profile? What does he think the profile is for a mother who over-sedates her daughter or for a child who has a bad accident? He should study the British Journal of Medicine reports which reveal that such accidents are much more likely to occur to Brits on holiday than at any other time. 99% of the time, accidents occur when the parent is not watching the child. As the mother was tending to two 2 year olds while her husband was away on the tennis courts, the three year old would be at high risk for an accident to take place at that apartment. Three of the common causes for fatalities which are listed in the BMJ accident report are - falls off balconies, falls off walls, falls down stairs. In each and every case, a child was playing unsupervised. The photograph of the McCann apartment shows that there was a balcony, there was a concrete wall, and there was a flight of narrow, concrete stairs that would have posed a great risk for an unsupervised child. An accident would require less than thirty seconds. To conclude, the accident theory is supported and confirmed by British statistics.

Anonymous said...

in the final comment of the bbc article is an interesting referring to lord Stevens and his connection to Grodon Brown,,,,,

Anonymous said...

What is most outrageous in Stevens' blundering intervention is that he is a SERVING MEMBER OF THE CURRENT BRITISH ADMINISTRATION.

I'd like to see the investigating magistrate in Portimao charge him in absentia with contempt of court and obstruction of justice!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy your comments,keep up the good work,Paulo!:)

Anonymous said...

bravo paulo!
i am glad you pubbiced the cuttingthroughtherubbish link i posted to you and that you investigated about lord Stevens. you are doing a great job. thank you very much for your blog.

Gillian Dissapointed British subject said...

What on earth is going on here , why would this Lord Stevens make any comment , as you know he works for Gordon Brown.
I think it is time Gordon put his nose back to work at what the british Pay him to do and he keeps his uninformed comments to himself and if he cant he really needs to stop using his staff to filter them out.
The Portugese Prime Minister at least is mature enough not to get involved in the soap opera re the McCann case . Gordon You need to grow up a bit and not get involved in matters you are not fully aware of.
Leave the story spinning to Clarence Mitchell he seems to keep the media involved and he is getting paid for it by a fund that has been created by the McCanns who apparently have nothing to hide. None the less they feel the need to pay for mdia that has the public feel sorry for them , well it doesnt work on me .

Anonymous said...

Lord Stevens? LORD Stevens?

Check this out for some information about the Lord:

The Lord surely is someone to be trusted when it comes to investigations...Lord coward more like it - attacks the PJ knowing that they cannot defend their credibility.