Saturday, 6 October 2007

McCann could be questioned by British Police next week

Formal requests asking the British Police to question again the McCann were already signed by the Public Prosecutor's Office and translated to English, last week, according to Diário de Notícias. Pinto de Abreu, one of the Portuguese lawyers of the McCann, told the newspaper he knew nothing about that. Diário de Notícias wrote also that the McCann questioning could take place next week.

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Breda said...

Good Evening Mr. Reis,

Sorry but I do not know the Rolling Stones song that you quoted. Its not that I am too young to remember (you are only a couple of years older than me) its just that I was never into them.

Regarding Clarence Mitchell, apologies there too, I do not know him so cannot forward your message.

One point that I would like to make is that at the end of the day, I believe that you and I do have a common goal and that is to attain closure in this sorry tragedy and that whoever is responsible is brought to justice. However, it is there that our similarity end.

If the McCanns are guilty then that is fine by me. But, where is the proof? If the evidence collected by the PJ is sufficient and strong enough for conviction why hasn't this case moved forward?

I asked you several pertinent questions the other day and you were unable to give me any concrete answers stating that my questions should be directed to the PJ or the British Police. My reply to you was that you know as little as the rest of us. But yet you are hell bent on seeing the McCanns charged. Why? Maybe they are innocent. Maybe out there laughing smugly is an abductor who has evaded capture, while a war of words between British and Portuguese media attempt to recruit public backing.

Why is this more important than the life of a child. This whole tragedy has turned into a media circus. Each side trying to outdo the other with ludicrous and unfounded statements.

I do not know the McCanns or any of their friends and family. I presume you do not either. However, I do perceive that you feel obliged to stand up for your countrymen - but this will only help if they have enough evidence to back up their theory of McCann involvement. If they don't then your postings will do them more harm than good. You are providing a written record for all and sundry to see.

I am looking at this case objectively and that is why I make my comments. My opinions are formed from the very small amount of evidence that is in the public domain. None of it, shows any culpability on the McCanns part at this point in time.

There is no way that I can sit idly by and allow untruths and hearsay to be published. Its unwarranted, unfair and unjust. If the shoe was on the other foot and this incident had happened to a Portuguese family holidaying in Britain, I would still hold my viewpoint and fight their cause.

I am being neither racist or condescending in my arguments. All I want is the truth. However, I do not want closure at any cost. I do not want scapegoats be they the McCanns, the PJ or anyone else involved in this sorry saga.

So please try to understand my point of view and trust that my responses are done out of genuine empathy and concern.