Friday, 5 October 2007

McCann happy to fly back to Portugal to meet the man who replaces Gonçalo Amaral

“Madeleine McCann’s parents are happy to fly to Portugal to meet whoever replaces sacked Chief Inspector Gonçalo Amaral in the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance”, according to the Daily Express.

Friends of the couple also revealed last night that they “were anxious in case the wait for a replacement delayed the search for four-year-old Madeleine. If the new head of the investigation were to say he would like to meet them, they would do that, but it has not been discussed at the moment,” said a non-identified source quoted by Daily Express: “They hope that the Portuguese authorities will see that the position is filled as urgently as possible because there is still a need for Madeleine to be found.”


Anonymous said...

Be honest, can you see them getting on the plane, I doubt it ??

fedup said...

Good grief, I give up on this case. It's a blatant set-up. Why are these people above the law of two countries? The tabloids treat the Royals far worse than they treat these two. What is the source of their influence?

Anonymous said...

Now the cupple must wait "the judge" invitation....

Anonymous said...

"Well,we wish:
-a high-flying younger officer;
-that you not go any further;
- and everything we said and we want.
no noise;
a very warm sun;
water in a beautiful and quiet pool;
always blue sky;
And a film. unh! Can be that,that,that you know? I do not remeber the name.
Anh! ............. "Citizen Kane".

note: poor Mr.Orson Wells

Anonymous said...

We wish that the position is filled as urgently as possible with a member of the mCCann team ....

lorely said...

i doubt the mccanns will ever fly to portugal, unless they are requested by the authorities to do so.

eh, another sack of warm air - spin.