Wednesday, 3 October 2007

McCann lawyers warning to Prosecutor Luís Verão: “We advise you not to go any further...”

McCann legal team is carrying out a private investigation, “interviewing every witness they can find to the events of May”, according to the Daily Mail. “The lawyers will give their defence dossier directly to prosecutor Luis Bilro Verão. They hope that Mr Verão will compare their evidence alongside that gathered by the Algarve police, and throw out the case.”

A friend of the family, quoted by Daily Mail, said that the McCann legal team, which includes the President of Portuguese Bar, Mr. Rogério Alves and the Chairman of the Human Rights Commission from the Portuguese Bar, Mr. Pinto de Abreu, “will make a direct approach to the Portuguese prosecutor's office. They will say, 'This is what we have got. We advise you not to go any further'."


MCarmo said...

Did we all remember a serial Tv: "Rich man;Poor man". The two " brothers" saga ?

Anonymous said...

The McCann Team has been arrogant en defiant from day 1.
They have engaged these people to use all possible weapons to fight against truth. Now they want to be lifted their 'arguido' status to be lifted before Christmas!

myself said...

I know that they are innocent until it's proven that they are guilty;

I know that they have the right to defend themselves and to choose their lawyers;

However, they don't have the right to offend Portugal;

They don't have the right to obstruct an investigation;

They don’t have the right to advise the public prosecutor about the charges that perhaps will be made...

They should focus on trying to find Madeleine and to defend themselves as normal and decent people.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that whatever the truth is, we will never know for sure who did what.

The McCann's defence is too powerful but unclear. The McCann's charge is too fragile.

Poor Maddie.

Anonymous said...

De McCanns do everything possible to avoid responsibility. They even hire a gang and send ultimatums! Every single day they make it more difficult to believe they are 'not guilty'! This is not the way grieving innocent people react. They really look more and more like criminals running away from justice with money and influences.

Anonymous said...

Karl Zéro aborde l'enquete Madeleine McCann

Anonymous said...

By putting in the word "warning" into your heading you imply that they are inadvertently threatening the prosecuter which they are not. they will show him the other side of the farsical pj investigation and "ADVISE" h8im to go no further. Big difference

Africanmum said...

This would've been truly awful is someone else's child was involved and not theirs. But anyone hoping to see this couple in the dock, well, prepare to be disappointed.

ken said...

Full original quote from Times:

“They hope to have this ridiculous situation sorted out long before Christmas,” the source said. “It could be a quiet word in an ear; at higher levels it could be a direct approach to the judge or prosecutors saying, ‘This is the case as it looks from our point of view, we would urge you not to go any further’.

The Times later removed the "word in an ear" reference!

myself said...

This child is missing too:



THERE are around 210,000 reports of missing people every year in the UK - 140,000 concern young people.

TWO studies estimate that between 10 and 11 per cent of young people will run away before the age of 16.

A MAJORITY of the 100,000 young people who run away every year are aged between 13 and 15.

THE number of child abductions recorded by police has recently been as high as 1,000 of fences a year."

What about them? Shouldn't the British tabloids be seeking justice for these Childs too?????

They should seek justice for Madeleine and to the all the missing children.

myself said...

Important Links:

"Hundreds of children 'vanishing'

The discovery of a boy's torso led police to look at missing children
Hundreds of African boys have disappeared from London schools, police investigating the murder of a boy whose torso was left in the Thames have said."

"12 June 2007
New Government Report Uncovers Hundreds of Missing Children":

Anonymous said...

@ myself,

The only people who offend Portugal are rotten eggs like that awful Amaral and those reporters who daily print the drivel that emanates from the PJ offices as "anonymous police source leaks".

Until the PJ is modernised, I really don't think that the Portugal government is being fair to its people. Well done though to the minister who got rid of this particular rotten egg, its only a pity that he couldn't be kicked off the force.

All governments should make it their priority to modernise their police force, not just Portugal.

AbbyandBrianasMommy said...

I think its clear the Mccanns have nothing to do with this other than a heaping dose of negligence for leaving their children night after night- Kate is willing to go to jail to keep her daughter in the news- is that not enough to show you that this not about saving her ___course some of you will still argue its part of the cover right? Well they are very good actors- The PJ need to get out of this mess and find the girl and or find the truth

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone took hold of this investigation and started looking for Madeleine.

Anonymous said...

The couple repeated their plea for coverage of the case to focus on finding Madeleine, rather than prosecuting her parents. Mrs. McCann said: "The coverage has been on us. The coverage should be on Madeleine, no one else." Her jusband said: "The legal side has taken priority. We want to change that and refocus the aattention on to finding Madeleine."

Paulette said...

Anonymous message 11:11

"Until PJ is modernised."?

Dear fellow Gazeta Digital readers. I would like to translate the comment of this anonymous poster. The phrase "Until PJ is modernised." Perfectly translated means: Until PJ eat cucumber and butter sandwiches and drink ale on their breaks.

Anon 11:11 - Please be truthful and say what you mean. I cannot spend my entire day translating the bull-shit you Brits come up with. Unless an anonymous backer would like to pay me for my services. It is best to be honest especially since you are courageous enough to post under Anonymous. LOL!

Oh and I wholeheartedly agree. PJ should get 'modernised' like those UK cops (a special police unit?) who shot and killed an innocent young man, Charles de Menezes. Not one of the great officers involved was sacked or suspended. Neither were any of the wonderful UK authorities who sang and sung lie after lie and spinned and spunned their incredulous web. In fact, several were promoted.

And the gruesome case poster "myself" has raised is extremely imortant to know and study (as is the de Menezes case). Clarence didn't leave his post for those black kids did he? No official left their post to assist the de Menezes family have they? And what media spotlight has been given to any of these other disturbing harrowing crimes? VERY LITTLE.

The rotten eggs are in your own royal rotting hen house.

Paulette said...

Anonymous 17:40.

So then why don't the McCanns and their PR stfu and graciously move out of the spotlight?

If they truly did have the desire to have the media focus on Madeleine then why have the McCanns never released a video of Madeleine speaking? Isn't it important we know what she sounds like?

If they wanted the coverage to be on Madeleine then they should never have created their 3 ring circus to begin with. They can pull down the circus tent whenever they like. What is preventing them from doing so?

Also, it would be prudent if Gerry learned how to spell his daughter's name M-A-D-E-L-E-I-N-E correctly so that when he writes his narcissistic blog (where her mis-spelled name is barely mentioned when at all) I can take him at least a little bit seriously.

PS ~ The McCanns are the very same people who made such claims as "We'll stay in Portugal until Madeleine is found." And the very same McCanns who praised PJ. Neither of these McCann sentiments were very true - were they.

myself said...

Mr/Miss/Mrs. Anonymous 04 October 2007 11:08

Yes PJ should have all the means that UK police has... no doubt about that... But not having all the modern means does not imply incompetence... surely you understand it...

The way you addressed to inspector Amaral was improper...

Maybe you didn’t like the links I posted... Truth is cruel isn't it?

All countries have good and bad things... next time you insult Inspector Amaral, please remember those British soldiers that tortured Iraqi prisoners…,,1207458,00.html

lorely said...

Excuse my french, but I personally believe the McScam lawyers can go screw themselves somewhere else cause Portugal aint Banana Republic yet, or the corrupt brit system.

honestly, im just surprised the police havent taken the mcscams into custody as of yet.

the sun yesterday had an article about how much KM has been crying for her daughter every night......and them they place 2 (distinct) smilling photos on the cover of the article...

mcarmo said...

To: "myself" 04/10/07:

MCarmo Reis

jcb said...

Well,I've found this site just by accident, and wish I hadn't. All I have found are a lot of anti-McCanns clustered together competing with each other, seeing who can call them the worst. As for Paulette, what a chip you have on your shoulder against the British. What about your president sending all your young men to the blood bath in Iraq, with absolutely no sign of them coming home?? You ought to get your own house in order before you call others.

Before you call Gerry McCann for not spelling Madeleine's name right, please note that his blog site is run by Interhost and they most probably have posted all of his comments. If you look back on the majority of forums regarding Madeleine, there are a great deal of mis-spelt words of all descriptions. Therefore, don't nitpick, it doesn't do you justice.

As far as the McCanns are concerned, all they want to do is find their daughter and go back to living the life they had before 3 May. What on earth is wrong with that. If my daughter had been abducted I would do everything in my power to get her back. All this back biting serves absolutely no purpose, lets just concentrate on the major issue here, which is to find Madeleine, nothing else.

Paulette said...


Funny then you'll have to equally agree many posters here on Gazeta Digital have a "chip on their shoulder" against the Portuguese?

Your arguments are baseless. For instance, I could care less about the American president or the US government. I have dual citizenship, no longer live in the US and am quite ready to burn my US passport. That's what a violent corrupt ignorant over-priced fascist state I think that place has become.

Why soldiers don't refuse to fight is beyond me. They should do what America's founding fathers did and aim their guns at the white house because that's where the real terrorists reside. Why do you think the ruling class; that elite super special 1% of America's wealtiest don't want affordable housing? Higher education and health care for all its citizens? Because then no one would enlist in the military. IT'S A SCAM. Keep people poor ignorant and use immigrants and the color of people's skin as contentious political talking points to maintain a divided middle and lower class. This way they'll never come together to overthrow the existing shambles of their pseudo-democracy.

I know the "American Dream" is a lie. I lived there and experienced it for myself. So you can stop with your puerile threats of anti-American slogans because you're singing to the choir. I love Europe and Asia and have a far superior quality of life in Europe and Asia than I ever did in the United States.

Since when does proper spelling have to do with the blog's host? You mean Gerry doesn't know how to use spellcheck? Or cannot be bothered to honour his daughter's name (surely a small act like this cannot take up too much of his precious time could it?) and spell it correctly.

Apologies to you Paulo for disrupting your thoughtful well researched journalist's blog.

And my deepest apologies to Madeleine and all the missing children who cannot be saved due to class, subterfuge, deceit, hate, greed and prejudice which seem to always be victorious over equality, honesty, virtue, love and brotherhood.

myself said...

Mrs. mcarmo:

Thanks for your kind words.

I just expressed what I feel and think about the way that the anonymous addressed to Inspector Amaral. He doesn’t have to like him. However, that is not as excuse for an insult and bad manners.

I always considered the British as a polite people. It is sad when some cannot keep up with the good name that their people have.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the McCann's in jail? They are guilty of neglect and child endangerment. I advise the lawyers to quit covering for dangerous parents and use their abilities for a higher and noble purpose.