Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Nazi-inspired site willing to help “bring home Madeleine McCann”

Be “aware of the childish and cruel mentality” of Portuguese people

MadeleineMcCannCoUk”, registered on May 9 through Telivo, “aims to bring people together, gather information and bring home Madeleine McCann.” Pictures of Madeleine, news about the case, posters and messages of support to her parents are some of the topics of this page.

The site has also one of the most despicable, racist and offensive remarks against Portuguese people, classified as a people with a “childish and cruel mentality.” The alleged owner of the site, who describes himself as “Graeme (in his 20s) who lives in England, UK (...) has a Btec Nat Diploma in ICT (...) has worked for a top UK retailer and is now working in England, UK for a top financial company”, under the headline “Something For You To Think About”, sends a message of hate against Portuguese people:

"The following was sent in the form of a message book entry:"

"I also want to let you know of my rather insignificant (compared to yours) experience with the Portuguese police. Whilst on holiday in Portugal myself and my husband who is disabled, decided to visit a certain location. Having walked for a couple of miles in the blistering heat without finding our destination we were relieved to come across a police station at a crossroads. They gave us directions and they sent us on our way.”

“We again walked another couple of miles before giving up and turning back. When we passed the police station on our return there were several officer outside smoking, they pointed at us and all started laughing, they had obviously sent us in the wrong direction on purpose. The rest of the world should be made aware of the childish and cruel mentality of these people."

A question to the owner of this page: What do you suggest as a “solution” for a people that has a so “cruel mentality” like the Portuguese people? Gas chambers, I presume...


Arthur said...

Paulo, why would you pay so much attention to such rubbish anyway, this pro McCanns website is just another example of ill breeding of all those who try to be part of pro McCann PR, my advice is do not touch that shit it stinks too much.

There are other websites where British people discussing McCann affair condemn the British Government, Media, PR etc.:

lorely said...

This site (a big load of tosh, as it seems, because I haven’t been there) is not in any way representing the British people opinion about Portugal or the Portuguese. The Portuguese are in general friendly, helpful and diplomatic – similar to the British. I lived 4 years in central London and everyone I came across (or the friends I have) never showed this twisted type of opinion – then again, I know only “normal” British people.

This website belongs to someone with a lot of free time and in desperate need for a real job – isn’t it obvious?
If go to The Sun discussion forum, thread “MISSING Madeleine” you will see that most people are far apart from what the bias Sun publishes…..this is not about xenophobia, this is only about a crime against a little girl. Madeleine’s case is a crimes case – so, its being treated & investigated accordingly.

I think it’s about time the Portuguese stop get bothered with these low level claims. Furthermore, this site doesn’t represent the British in any way.

This would be the same as if a crappie Portuguese website would claim British people are drunken hooligans – hey, a “normal” Portuguese knows this is not the case.

Africanmum said...

Arthur & lorely are right that the website isn't representative of British opinion. I'm British myself and I'm yet to meet anyone who isn't embarrassed by the peculiar media coverage of this case. But we have to admit that racists have been encouraged by the McCann PR machine, the British media and the political and media establishment in Britain. All 'sightings' of her have involved 'dark-skinned' and therefore by implication, sinister people. The slander of the Portuguese nation is a complete scandal. I think this has to be acknowledged. And that Nazis have got in on the act is inevitable. All involved in this xenophobia against the Portuguese and Moroccans should be ashamed of themselves.

MCarmo said...

Paulo: please ,I think the better is not make popular this thing so bad construct and so bad translate .
Probably they can not enter in Conventry University,tomorrow.The guards send them away,I think.

fiaqe said...

I hope this is not the British mentality... it just McCann mentality... God they are sick idiots.,... ho do they think they are f"""cking morons...

Portugal and portugese are great people I;m not a portugese nor a British but i've portugese they are the best thats why maybe they have a famous tourist places cause they are not MORONS like McCANNS... I JUST CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS COUPLE IN JAIL... I PRAY THE GOD FOR THAT..

myself said...

Paulo, to these kinds of sites give to them the best reply:

Ignore their existence.

They want an audience.
They want a large number of visitors.

If people stop visiting their site, they will lose their motivation and see that nobody cares about the poison they write.

transfattyacid said...

It must be an official McCann site, as it claims trademark of the name.

Paulo Reis said...

Right, Transfattyacid! That's one of the questions I asked to the site owner, but had no reply...

Paulo Reis