Thursday, 18 October 2007

New McCann's persecution theory: Fat Portuguese cop's wifes are to blame

According to Bel Mooney, from the Daily Mail, “Portuguese police suspected” of Kate McCann, since the beginning, because “their wives were telling them she looked too controlled, did not weep enough.” The “cultural difference” between Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, where “young mothers quickly come to look like overblown roses, their child-bearing settling comfortably around their hips” explains why “it's hard not to imagine Portuguese women murmuring to their husbands that this British woman is - yes - much too skinny.”

So, the wifes of Portuguese detectives “would be instinctively prejudiced against Kate for not looking like them, as well as because her self-control was alien to a culture which traditionally hangs its emotions out like washing on lines”, writes Bel Mooney. And a question that makes sense, for the Daily Mail columnist, is if the “Portuguese attitude insidiously affect the views of the wider world, tapping into innate expectation of how mothers are 'supposed' to be...”

This is Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels with a touch of Monty Python...


Anonymous said...

Não sei quem é esta senhora, mas lendo o texto parece-me uma boa promessa de standup comedy!!! O Ricardo Araújo Pereira que se cuide!!!

Anonymous said...

This Daily Mail article is truly the most idiotic and offensive speculation I've read in this case -- and I've read a lot.
How can this woman take herself seriously? This load of racist rubbish is what passes for British journalism these days. How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This Daily Mail article is truly the most idiotic and offensive speculation I've read in this case -- and I've read a lot.
How can this woman take herself seriously? This load of racist rubbish is what passes for British journalism these days. How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This woman is ludicrous! And writes rubbish.And last, her looks don't allow her to write thinks like that.She needs to come back to school to study general culture.

Anonymous said...

She must be sure that Philomena Mccann is a excelente mother.

Africanmum said...

I sent the following petition to the PM at Downing Street, and I just got a reply that the petition was rejected. perhaps the Portuguese people can find out from the British govt why racism is ok by him.

I'm sorry to inform you that your petition has been rejected.

Your petition was classed as being in the following categories:

* Outside the remit or powers of the Prime Minister and

If you wish to edit and resubmit your petition, please follow
the following link:

You have four weeks in which to do this, after which your
petition will appear in the list of rejected petitions.

Your petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'ask the
British media to stop the xenophobic and racist campaign
against Portugal and the Portuguese people'

The most disgusting example of this phenomenon is the article
by Bel Mooney in the Daily Mail of 18th October where she talks
disparagingly of Portuguese women, ridiculing their appearance
and thinking faculties. This casual racism by the British media
towards our European neighbours and partners debases us all in

-- the ePetitions team

myself said...

Paulo, she’s just a columnist or a journalist or both?

Never mind what she says... Don’t give her the publicity that she doesn't deserve...

It's just another speculator...

It's curious that instead of reflecting on Madeleine this lady (...) prefers to attack Portuguese women...

Her life must be very sad... Maybe she isn't happy with her herself…

Anonymous said...

Si no fuera tan patético, sería para partirse de risa.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a paramedic working here in the Algarve. I have been here for 21 years and have raised 2 children (now aged 18 and 15). I too HATED feeling that Kate McCann's reaction was totally alien as a loving mother. I experienced twice my younger daughter doing a 'runner' and as my friends reminded me I was next to hysterical. It was the Portuguese who were calm, BUT ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS EVERYTHING i had seen and read on and IN BRITISH PUBLICATIONS. So, my worry was that someone had spotted my little blonde angel and grabbed her. Does that mean that I am a FAT wife ??? I am not married to a Portuguese. Both us parents are BRITSH. I watch a lot of crime programmes as I have a great interest in forensics and I have to admit after a short course on body language my immediate impression was that somethng was NOT right wth Kate. I pray to God that I am wrong. But blame is to be spread on us all failing that little girl...(and around the world many more like her). Firstly the parents SHOULD NOT HAVE LEFT THOSE KIDS ALONE. I am sure they wouldn't have done it in the UK so why do it here??? Second the person/s who took Maddie are to blame. Thirdly I think the press insisting that cross eyed interpreter and helper took the investigation off course. And finally YES the Portuguese police are to blame......but only due to the total lack of funds and experience of this kind of thing. All the police I met the following fortnight were working on their days off and even throught their holidays and they ALL GENUINELY wanted to see a happy ending and a quick one.

I am British, I am proud of my upbringing, but Britain is now run (just like America) by the media, it likes to be shocking and to incite hatred and fear. It's about time the press reported on the majority of the news ie people who are kind and do well etc....come on, I challenge you say something positive and helpful

isabel said...

Bel Mooney, I happen to know more english fatso family mothers than i know portuguese.

The image you have of women in portugal is 40 years old.