Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Paulo Rebelo is the new man in charge of Madeleine's case

A national deputy-director of Polícia Judiciária was appointed to replace Gonçalo Amaral in the investigation of Madeleine's disappearance. Paulo Rebelo has a career in the investigation of drug trafficking, but was also in charge the “Mea-Culpa case”, 10 years ago, where 13 persons died in an arson. He was also in charge of a recent investigation about a leak of information from the “Freeport case”, when documents from a corruption investigation were sent to the Press and published the day before the last Parliament elections in Portugal. Those documents allegedly showed a connection between the case and the leader of Socialist Party, José Sócrates, now Prime-Minister. A PJ inspector was accused and later sentenced to eight months in prison (suspended sentence) for making copies of confidential documents and giving it to journalists.

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MCarmo said...

And Mr. Paulo Rebelo arrived in Portimão very well supported. And I liked very much ,after the formal reunion,they went to an informal reunion with G.Amaral.
But the support will be better if was since the begining.

What I saw will be correct? I hope.