Tuesday, 30 October 2007

PJ detectives prepare for final steps of the investigation

Paulo Rebelo called a meeting with all the detective's team working in Madeleine's case for today, October 30. Criminal coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, previously in charge of the investigation, was asked to participate in the meeting. The last days have been very busy for Paulo Rebelo and his team of around twenty detectives working in the case. Recently, a new witness has been in Portugal and went to PJ headquarters in Portimão. This witness, an Irish teenager, saw Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins talking, near the apartment from where Madeleine vanished, in the night of May 3, but she is also sure that there was no man carrying a child or Jane Tanner around, at that time.

Paulo Rebelo decided to call a special meeting to make a general analysis of the conclusions of the investigation, until now, after a careful review of all evidence collected, including the results of the samples already sent by Forensic Science Service. Yesterday, October 29, a team of detectives headed by Paulo Rebelo went to apartment 5A, at ocean Club, to check with detail some aspects of those conclusions. After almost four hours inside the apartment, the other detectives left to Portimão, while Paulo Rebelo went to the small square near the church with another PJ investigator. Before calling the meeting, Paulo Rebelo had a long talk with the national director of Polícia Judiciária, Alípio Ribeiro.

News in the Portuguese Press referred that Portuguese police was still waiting, last week, for the list of phone calls made from Praia da Luz, using mobile phones from UK networks. A request has been made to Police in the UK to allow Portuguese police to check the calls with the list of guests and other people staying at Praia da Luz, since the McCann arrived there, on April 28.

This meeting follows also the first public indications that the Portuguese Government is getting more uncomfortable with the violent attacks directed against the Portuguese police and the Judicial system. Mr. Santana Carlos, the Portuguese Ambassador in London, criticise the attitude of British Media, in a interview with The Times, and referred that there are “many more cases of abductions (in UK) than Portugal, and nobody talks about that, but this (Madeleine) case has come up very, very high in the news.”

Also last week, the McCann revealed, for the first time, they have hired a Spanish detectives private company, Metodo 3, to help find Madeleine. The company, according to Antena 3, was hired in August, before the McCann were named as formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter. The company set up a hotline and issued a sketch of an alleged abductor, seen by one of the friends of the McCann, Jane Tanner, less than 30 minutes Kate McCann found Madeleine was missing.

Just a few days after the hotline was set up, Marita Fernandez, the general-manager of Metodo 3, told Spanish Media that witnesses calling the line have confirmed Madeleine McCann was alive and in Morocco. Metodo 3 told newspapers they had also found another kidnapped child, an American blonde girl, in the mountains of Rif. But a source from “Sureté Nacionale”, the Moroccan intelligence services, denied this information and told us they didn't have any information about the American girl or Madeleine McCann sightings.

The law that regulates privates detectives work, in Spain, demands that any information related to a crime must be immediately forwarded to Police. A PJ investigator considered “very strange” that a positive identification of Madeleine, as the one referred by Metodo 3, could be made available to the Media, instead of remaining absolutely confidential: “This could be a death sentence, if the child was in the hands of a paedophile network, what those Spanish detectives say it's also a possibility...”

Moroccan authorities expelled a British citizen, recently, after he offered large amounts of money in exchange of specific statements about a blonde girl, to several staff members from a gas station in Marrakesh – the same city were Interpol will have its 76 General Assembly, between 5 and 8 of November.

Duarte Levy (Marrakesh) and Paulo Reis (Lisbon)

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Africanmum said...

For anyone interested in voting on the McScams, there's a vote on the web log below:


Thore denmark said...

I really start to like the way these artikels are written, they are investigative more than any daily mail, times online, or danish media.

I know Reis believe in his hearth that McCanns maybe innosaint, but he still goes in the right directions, in many directions.

Metodo are obviously not doing a good job, if they are right about that morocco-proof, they should not go media.

McCanns use a 700 pound/hour top lawyer, to help them on the case.

Why do they need such an expensive lawyer??

Canada said...

Could anyone positively state whether the DNA test have been received from UK? The information from UK is not reliable at all in my opinion and I rely on Paulo Reis
for my info now.

Canada said...

Could anyone say for certain whether DNA tests have been received from UK? I find the media in UK has lost credibility and I now rely on Paulo Reis for info now.

Thore denmark said...

My personal view is i cannot say it was not a kidnap, but it seems very unlikely.

I get that a lot from David Jones view on the matter too.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Paulo but...se o Ministro da Justiça tivesse tomado mais atenção ao caso logo que a imprensa britânica montou o cerco em Portugal ( o problema é que os nossos políticos são uns saloios e
do estrangeiro só conhecem bem Varadero ) o balão não tinha implodido e os desgraçados dos PJs de Portimão desamparados sem saber que dizer aos tubarões ingleses ( Mail,Express, Mirror, Times, Sun etc) para os apaziguar, desatinaram completamente...e toca de suspeitar de tudo o que era "beef" e mexia. E agora até o Embaicador mandou uns bitaites desacertados e eles toca a desancar em nós. Com o panasca do Parsons do Mail ( foi amante do Rotten do Pistols e marido da Julie Burchill que escrevia na Face no tempo do Nick Logan ) a insultar-nos. Se o Sr Costa não andasse lerdo...