Wednesday, 3 October 2007

PJ national director's decision: Gonçalo Amaral is out from Madeleine's investigation

Alípio Ribeiro, national director of Polícia Judiciária, decided to remove the coordinator of Madeleine's investigation. The decision was taken today, after Mr. Gonçalo Amaral accused the British Police to investigate only what the McCann couple wishes and is convenient for them”.


Anonymous said...


The_Truth_Is_Out_There said...

About time this alcohol-addled and long-lunch-bloated buffoon was taken off the Madeleine McCann case. I'd like to think the PJ will replace him with someone less ignorant and tunnel-visioned but... Oh well, time will tell!

Paulette said...

No one seems to be as 'tunnel visioned' as the McCanns themselves. How often do you even hear them say Madeleine's name? Have you noticed Gerry doesn't even mention Madeleine very much in his blog? Very strange.

Justice for Madeleine said...

This is an excellent move from the PJ. They are moving full force ahead and getting rid of loose cannons and bringing in the tanks, McCanns say "Bring it on".....I think they may just get what they asked for! GO PJ! JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Gonçalo Amaral.
Forget those that acuse you for all and for nothing...
they are loosing controle.

MCarmo said...

I do not know how is the person,Mr. Gonçalo Amaral, but I think It was a beautiful birthday gift and also exist careful about his health.
Many pressure;many stress; a lot of problems. So, he and his family will be more confortable.


Paulette said...

It's amusing but very telling how those who criticise Amaral use ad hominems to attack him. Snarky comments about his appearance; his (OH MY GOD!)drinking wine and taking siestas etc....So immature and childish I wonder why they bother to say anything at all?

Have they forgotten it was their own police force's investigation which upturned clues pointing to the McCanns and changed the entire direction of the investigation? Or are the UK police a drunken bloated bunch too?

The puerile protestations (like the one made here by The Truth Is Out There) sound like the jealous whinings of a Briton who wishes he had some decent wine and good nourishing food to call his own.

But the Brits don't do they? Their culture is so deprived of any real "culture" (other than literary) they had to steal from all other nations. And still they're a sad repressed lot aren't they?

So brave commenters named Anonymous (the first Anon) and The Truth Is Out There, please do some historical research. How do you think for example you got Port, tea and learned to eat with forks and knives? Where do you think the birth of democracy was England? Wrong - Greece. And that's just a few of the misappropriated sweet civilities you've stolen from around world.

Tell me this 'The Truth Is Out There': I've often wondered why the UK is riddled with such a huge alcoholic propulation whereas in the Mediterranean alcoholism is rare. Why do you think that is?

My feeling is that the massive alcoholism rate in the UK has to do with the British superiority complex in truth being all about their insecurities (they are a very psychologically repressed people). Deep down they know how inadequate their quality of life is whilst realising those in the Mediterranean are living such healthy happy sensual lives.

I feel Amaral wanted out from this vulgar circus and made a very perspicacious comment (one a lot of people already were asking themselves anyway) with full knowledge he was being transferred. I'm not sure if this is true it's just my gut feeling.

And if the other poster is correct and it's Amaral's birthday I wish him a very happy birthday and all the very best for his future.