Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Police asked Interpol to investigate witnesses that claim they saw Madeleine

Polícia Judiciária sent a formal request to Interpol, asking police from several countries (Spain, Malta, Belgium, UK and Morocco) to investigate a specific list of names. Those are names from people that claimed they saw Madeleine McCann, since August 11, when the PJ spokesman, Mr. Olegário de Sousa, told to BBC that Police had a new line of inquiry and that line admitted Madeleine McCann was dead.

Also included is the name of Mari Olli, the first witness to say that she saw Madeleine in Morocco, on May 9. Mari Olli, married with Ray Pollard, form Leicester, told British Police she saw Madeleine at a shop, near a gas station in Marrakesh. But Moroccan police seized the video from that shop and, while Mrs Olli appears in the images, there is no child among the clients, according to a source from the “Sureté Nacional”.

A flood of witnesses claiming they saw Madeleine in Morocco

Fatima Marzouki, 35, of Birmingham, said she saw a girl like Maddie in Agadir amid rumours she was being held in a caravan there by an Irish traveller named John. Her friend Helen McPherson, 60, thinks she saw Maddie being pushed in a buggy in Marrakesh.

Mrs Peart, from Castle Eden, near Hartlepool, says she was in Morocco with her stockbroker husband Jonathan. “I saw this Arabic woman in local dress and behind her was a very blonde little girl,” she said. “She was striking because the people in this part of the country are all very dark – bordering on black. “But this little girl was very blonde and I’d say she was around the right age.“She was following this woman down an alley way, then they disappeared from view.”

Hotelier James Valarino, 65, from Gibraltar, is certain he saw the missing four-year-old in the clutches of a European man at a market in Tangiers on August 8. The sighting has given fresh hope to her parents that their daughter could still be alive 150 days after she vanished.

Clara Torres, the Spanish woman that took the picture of a young girl being carried on the back of a woman, in a road in Morocco, told Spanish newspapers that she was at a bus, “driving at 60 km per hour” (...) “If it's not Madeleine, than it's her twin sister” she told Spanish Press.

The Daily Mail reveals the existence on one more witness – the third to come forward in the last days – that also saw Madeleine McCann in Morocco, in May. The non-identified woman is a Spanish citizen and she told Daily Mail that she was driving with her husband, in the city of Zaio, when she saw Madeleine McCann being “dragged” by a Muslim woman: “She said she told her husband to stop the car. I shouted 'Stop! It's Madeleine, the missing girl.' But by the time we pulled over and ran back to where she had crossed, they had both vanished."

The first reported sighting in Morocco was by Norwegian tourist Mari Pollard, who said she saw a girl who looked like Madeleine with a man at petrol station in Marrakesh on May 9. A British holidaymaker later reported seeing a youngster with a strong likeness on the same day outside the Ibis Hotel in Marrakesh, which is virtually opposite the garage. The third sighting came around three weeks later when a Spanish woman contacted Portuguese police to say she had seen someone she thought looked like the missing girl in Zaio, in the north of Morocco. She said she saw a "sad and scared" blonde girl being dragged across a street by a woman in a Muslim headscarf. She told how she and her husband were driving when the Muslim woman walked out into the road in front of them, "walking very fast and dragging a young blonde girl with her".

Duarte Levy (Marbella) and Paulo Reis (Madrid)

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Anonymous said...

let's wait an see if Mr. Clarence Mitchell believes in INTERPOL.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the point of this request is? Do they think there has been a conspiracy to waste police time and to detract attention from more fruitful lines of inquiry?

Anonymous said...

Good PJ. I bet many of them are going to show awfully interesting coincedences (actually, some we already know).

I just wonder if it is Interpol police that will investigate in England or the same police already "investigating" the McCanns? Does anyone know?

Africanmum said...

I'm starting to get worried about the Islamophic nature of these 'sightings'. Why on earth would Muslims or 'Arabic looking' people go to Europe to snatch a blonde child? i think the Moroccan govt should say something about these 'sightings'.

The_Truth_Is_Out_There said...

Oh man... Whatever next for the PJ? Will they announce that these witnesses are to be made 'arguidos' too? Instead of attempting to 'prove' that these sightings are part of what some call 'Team McCann''s plot to cover up the 'murder' of Madeleine by her parents by harassing and intimidating people who are 'guilty' at the most of being wrong in their identification of a sighted child, the Portuguese police should ask Interpol to investigate the sightings themselves to see if they could be true. Interesting that the Moroccan police seem more interested in looking for Madeleine as a result of these claimed sightings than the PJ, who now have a single-minded obsession with finding a body. Don't forget that this is exactly what the 'Find Madeleine' campaign asks for people to do - LOOK FOR MADDIE! This seems like a crude 'warning' to anyone who thinks they might see Madeleine not to take things further by reporting what they think they've seen, as they will then themselves be investigated by Interpol at the PJ's request as being involved in a huge and unprecedented 'criminal cover-up' organised by Clarence Mitchell and the unfortunate McCanns! Only in Portugal, it seems...

Anonymous said...

INTERPOL is a complete waste of time and just forwards enquiries between countries it does not investigate anything.
As I have said before all these "sightings" are just confusing the issue and are indeed racist. Is there a shortage of kids in Africa?
The more publicity any enquiry gets the dafter the phone calls it recieves.

myself said...

It is racist to affirm that a Muslim mother cannot have a blonde child. There is no such thing as a pure race. In UK there are brown, black, blonde, red people. As well in Portugal and through out the world.

In that line of thinking maybe I was abducted since I'm not a "typical" Portuguese. Blue eyes, light skin, etc. Both my parents are blonde. And we are PORTUGUESE.

So they should stop with those racist remarks that there cannot be a blonde child here and there... Hitler died long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Mari Olli is married to Ray Pollard of Groby, Leic. Ray's brother works in local government with a relative (a brother?) of Gerry McCann, so they potentially know each other. See the connection?

Yes, it makes perfect sense that the PJ want to find out if these witnesses are lying, or worse, being bribed to obstruct justice by claiming sightings of Madeleine where none exist.

Michelle said...

The sighting in Zaio was by Isabel Gonzalez. Just thought you may wish to know in case any unusual connections to the McCanns.
(There are a set of photos of her and where the 'sighting' occurred. If you would like the link just let me know and I'll forward it). Keep up the excellent work. Michelle.xx

Paulo Reis said...


Yes, I would like to have that link. Could you be so kind to send it to me?

Thank you

Paulo Reis