Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Diplomatic warning to London

“Contradictory statements” and a clear lack of cooperation with Portuguese police raised suspicions about the McCann that were reported to a British Government member by diplomatic staff based in Portugal. The document, classified as confidential, also called the attention to consequences of what was considered “overstepping” the limits and pressing local authorities, resulting from the actions of another local British diplomatic representative. The message asked for confirmation of previous instructions, coming from London, ordering that “full support” was given to the McCann, by all diplomatic representatives in Portugal and British police officers, sent from Leicestershire and Scotland Yard, to follow the investigations of Madeleine’s disappearance. One of the specific instructions stated that the McCann should be always accompanied, either by a diplomatic representative or a police officer, in all contacts with Portuguese police.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Version Française

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

PJ and forensic experts leave tomorrow to UK

A team of PJ investigators and forensic experts from the National Forensic Laboratory will leave tomorrow, November 28, to UK. The team will stay three days in UK and will held meetings with British police forces and technicians from Forensic Science Services.

Madeleine dead and alive – according to British Media

"Police's final verdict on Madeleine: 'Murdered by a paedophile who panicked"
ThisIsLondon, November 26, 2007.

"Maddy's in perfect hiding place..alive"
Daily Mirror, November 26, 2007.

A solicitor with a heart

“An East Lancashire solicitor is leading a private investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance - on behalf of her parents. Edward Smethurst is the in-house lawyer based in Clitheroe for double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, who has pledged to bankroll Gerry and Kate McCann's legal and media costs (…) Mr Smethurst is also running a team of private investigators who are tracking Madeleine's disappearance throughout Spain and Portugal (…) He is also ambassador of Cancer Research UK and recently mounted a legal challenge to stop the controversial £50 million wind farm development at Scout Moor, Edenfield.”

A family in silence (and turmoil…)

Since a few weeks, McCann relatives changed their strategy. Kate’s mother even has made pubic that she thought strange her daughter left the children alone to go out for dinner, in a clear indication that the McCann clan is no more united around Gerry and Kate as before.
Questions have been asked and tension is growing, as Gerry and Kate are more and more aggressive, whenever there is any question they understood as an indication of mistrust about their version of events.
Clarence Mitchell pushed hard to organize a Christmas related event where a large number of close relatives and all of Tapas friends would make a wonderful opportunity for the Media to show a family in grief, victim of those drunken, uncivilized and sub-human Portuguese policemen.
A decision to change plans was taken and a warning made to all family members. But it was too late to avoid word spreading that Madeleine’s family would buy presents for her, in the hope she could be back before Christmas. It seems that somebody wiser than Clarence Mitchell had the capacity to understand that using Christmas to boost the image of relaxed, confident and good-looking parents, eight months after her daughter disappeared, was not a good PR manoeuvre.

A tower of strength

A clever paedophile

A paedophile killed Madeleine, because she waked up when he was snatching her. Some British newspapers follow this story, first published by a Portuguese daily, Público. I must be stupid, but I don’t understand why the paedophile took the body with him, instead of leaving it in the apartment. Other British newspapers keep on with the idea that Madeleine is in Morocco, giving credibility to that idiot who calls himself “detective”, Francisco Marco, from Metodo 3. Above all, the most important is to reinforce the idea that Madeleine is alive. This is fundamental. For Kate, Gerry and for the fund to find Madeleine…

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Behaving like a British journalist

One thing seems clear, since the beginning: Tapas group are hiding something. And British tabloids, which followed Princess Diana everywhere, seem to keep a very respectful distance to the McCann friends. British journalists are around Robert Murat's girlfriend house the all day. There isn't one British journalist near the houses of David Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Jane Tanner, Charlotte Pennington or Najova Chekaya, that strange fitness instructor that had a different version of events on May 3. I remember previous cases when British tabloids have placed dozens of photographers on the trail of people connected to cases that were a good front page story. In this case, almost two dozen people with a good knowledge about what happened are able to go on with their daily routine, without a single journalist or photographer crossing their way. British journalists have orders not to disturb anyone connected to the McCann family. They know that only news that supports the claim of innocence of the McCann are accepted by editors, following their bosses’ orders. That's why they know a lot of things that people can't see on The Sun or Daily Mail. Because they can't publish it. So, they post at a few chosen message boards and forums - usually, at the Mirror's forums. And they talk with friends and colleagues, and they call other friends and colleagues, to give some tips and some information about the McCann, because they know they can't publish that information in the British Press. For the Media tycoons, the McCann must be innocent. They have to be innocent, whatever the reality is. I wonder why a couple of the richest businessmen in UK need the McCann to be innocent. Who do they want to please?

Another week, another nanny

A new nanny (or the old one?) has came forward with another story: she saw a man who she later identified as Robert Murat, trying to snatch a baby from the same apartment Madeleine vanished – but it happened last year, 2006. “Comical Clari”, as always, is doing his worst. “She informed cops after the incident at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal, at the end of last year. Now she has given a statement to the Metodo 3 detective agency”, according to the News of the World. Five members from the family that owns and manages Metodo 3, the private investigators hired by Brian Kennedy to find Madeleine, were arrested, in 1995 and charged with illegal phone tapping. The case was dismissed, later. Those imbeciles of Metodo 3 said, few days ago, they knew already who has kidnapped Madeleine and where she was. Millions of viewers saw and heard it, on TV. Now, they say they “have narrowed their search to a hit list of ten paedophiles”, the Daily Star wrote. I don’t know who is more stupid: Mr. Francisco Marco, from Metodo 3 or Dominik Lemanski, the journalist from Daily Star who wrote the story. Clarence Mitchell and the McCann put a great trust on the capacity of Metodo 3. Right. But not to find Madeleine.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Another Foreign Office helping hand, John Kayn

He was a "very British" gentleman that was with the McCann, working for the Foreign Office, when they went to Morocco, on June 10, according to a French publication. One more name, among many others from the Foreign Office, that have been helping the McCann, like Sheryl Dodd, Bil Henderson and John Buck. Who is Mr. John Kayn? How many other high ranking civil servants have been (or are..) "working" for this couple of formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter? And why most of them are no more at their previous posts? Sheryl Dodd left the Foreign Office, Bil Henderson and John Buck (pictured left), Ambassador in Lisbon and Consul at Algarve, left Portugal.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Gerry McCann's long term plan

"I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleines disappearance in the long term." - Gerry McCann, 28/06/2007.

Dead or alive?

"Last weekend a national paper proclaimed in about 300 point bold capitals that Madeleine McCann was indeed ALIVE. Today another newspaper said with similar conviction: SHE'S DEAD." - Rob Irvine, editor of the Daily Post (Wales)

Two Madeleine's trade marks?

1) "Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market"
Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned
Trade mark No: 005917232
CTM application published 08/10/2007
CTM application pending publication 13/08/2007
Absolute grounds pending 11/07/2007
Formalities completed 11/07/2007
Formalities pending 25/06/2007
Classification completed 25/06/2007
Classification pending 29/05/2007
Filing date provisionally granted 22/05/2007
CTM application received 18/05/2007

2) UK Intelectual Property Office
Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned –
Trade Mark No: 245606
9 November 2007 Published for Opposition Purposes
15 October 2007 Draft First Advert prepared & publication appr
Status:Examined Journal number:Zero Opposition Expiry Date:Date is blank
11 July 2007 Trade Mark Examined
23 May 2007 Application Details Captured

Maddie 'bound to be dead'

"Portugal’s most senior lawyer has said that the publicity surrounding the Madeleine McCann investigation will probably have forced the missing girl’s kidnappers to kill her. Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro, Portugal’s attorney-general, told the press that the investigation had become the most expensive in Portugal’s history, and that the publicity campaign kick-started by the McCanns in May would make it “natural” for Madeleine’s abductors to kill her."Would an abductor, with all this publicity and with the whole world having Madeleine's photo, still demand a ransom?” he asked. “If it is an abduction, it is natural that the abductor killed her" - by Newsdesk Special
Reader's comments: "I think Mr Monteiro is spot on in his assessment and has the courage to be honest and call a spade a spade.If Madeleine was kidnapped (and we don't know that she was) why would anyone keep her now when the McCann Campaign has made her such a liability? Any initial purpose they may have had for her has been rendered useless by all the publicity. I really question the wisdom of the McCann private detectives in broadcasting to the world that they are hot on the tail of the alleged kidnappers."

Gerry surprised the twins went to bed at 7.30pm

I though it was normal for Madeleine and the twins go to bed before 7.30pm. Until I saw this reference, at Gerry's blog, on the end of May, when the couple managed to met with the Pope:

Day 26 - 29/05/2007 - Tuesday

“We have been preoccupied with preparation for our audience with the Pope tomoorow morning. This morning was spent acquiring some appropriate dress for the meeting since we had only holiday clothes with us in Portugal. Clarence has been inundated with calls regarding the visit to Rome and done most of the organisation behind the scenes."
"It has been very difficult to leave Sean and Amelie but it is only for one nght and we will be back to see them before bedtime tomorrow. Trish and Sandy (Madeleine’s Godparents) who have been with us in Portugal since Day 2 are looking after them and we were surprised to hear they were tucked up in bed by 7.30pm- they must like their new beds!”

“The flight to Rome passed extremely quickly and some footage was taken for TV. We did a couple of short interviews for the British and Portuguesae press about our feelings regarding the trip. Under normal circumstances we would be extremely excited about meeting the Pope, but as we are here as a result of Madeleine’s abduction the circumstances are very different. We expect to receive a great spiritual lift, especially if we get to speak to the Pontiff personally. After the audience we will be holding a short press conference in the British Embassy to the Vatican to talk about our campaign to publicise Madeleine’s disappearance and of course, our audience with the Pope.”

“Francis Campbell, the British ambassador to the Holy See, and his staff picked us at the airport and brought us directly to the Embassy residences near the city centre. We have been made to feel completely at ease and almost as if we are part of a small family here, which has helped ease our tangible nerves, not unsurprising given the importance of tomorrow’s meeting. We are now retiring and will be saying our usual prayers for Madeleine’s safe return”

Why British Press doesn't show the twins faces, now?

For months, the British newspapers published pictures of McCann family and showed the twins faces. Now, since they are back in England, you can't see the twins faces. Why?

Another stupid attempt from Team McCann

In an exclusive interview to This is London, Edward Smethurst, the lawyer coordinating the McCanns' defence, said: "Hair grows by about a centimetre a month so if you have eight centimetres of hair, you can test for drugs going back eight months.With the appropriate, fully-accredited experts, hair samples were taken from Sean, Amelie and Kate and the conclusion was no evidence of sedatives or drugs were found.”

What Mr. Edward Smethurst forget to mention is the fact that the twins had the hair cut on May 25, less than a month after Madeleine vanished. Gerry McCann wrote it, in his blog. There is no limit to the lack of inteligence of people supporting the McCann. And Kate's hair is the same size as it was, on May...

Working behind the scenes

Manchester Evening, June 8th 2007

“Today, the McCanns were in Amsterdam for the first time since 2004, when they lived in the city for a year. Holding a poster of their daughter at a packed press conference, Mr McCann said: "It is particularly sad for Kate and I to come back for the first time and not to come back with Madeleine who spent a year here with us.”

"It is very emotional, we have fond memories of our year in Amsterdam. We have a lot of good friends here who have been working behind the scenes to help us. We have come to the Netherlands today with a very specific objective.”

"After British and German tourists, the largest group of nationals who make up the tourists in the Algarve are the Dutch. Mr McCann insisted there was a logic behind the trips they have made in the last week.”

"We are not going to go to every country in Europe. We are not selling a book, we are not pop stars, we have come here for a very specific reason. Mrs McCann said: "We are amateurs in this. There are very few people who will have to go through anything as painful as this."

Find the body

'Find Madeleine's body and prove we killed her': McCanns' challenge to police

Daily Mail, 12th September 2007

“The McCanns have issued a challenge to Portuguese police investigating Madeleine's disappearance saying:
"Find the body and prove we killed her." It is understood their lawyers have told them that without a body it will be extremely difficult for the authorities to press charges. A close friend said: "The legitimate question to ask Portuguese police is: 'Where is the body? Where's the evidence that madeleine is dead? We have got no idea.'"

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Madeleine's trademark (from "Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market")

Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Trade mark No: 005917232 Type of mark: Word Filing date: 18/05/2007 Date of registration: Nice Classification: 9, 16, 35, 36, 41, 45 Status: CTM application published Name of the owner: Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned LimitedYour reference: RJO/EC/203727/0001
Trade mark basis: CTM

Nice Agreement Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks - Nice Classification:

Class 9 Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus.

Class 16 Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers' type; printing blocks.

Class 35 Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions.

Class 36 Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs.

Class 41 Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.

Class 45 Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals; security services for the protection of property and individuals.

Madeleine's parents believe she is alive

The real story

"I said to them that I think there's a possibility that Madeleine may not be the story eventually, that you may be the story." - Jon Corner, godfather of Amelie, movie producer and author of a video showing the McCann after their daughter disappeared. Transcript of the BBC program, Panorama, available at the blog of Joana Morais.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Impossible to believe

“I can't square their claims that she has been taken by paedophiles with their lack of hair-tearing hysteria or with the casual things they sometimes say and the way in which they say things; any normal parent would be so out of their minds with grief and worry if they sincerely believed their defenceless little child was being abused by a paedophile - I just can't believe they have ever sincerely had that worry.” - a Blogspate view of BBC program Panorama.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Madeleine McCann back to Morocco

Detectives from Metodo 3 told British Press that they believe Madeleine was transferred to Morocco, after being handed over to a gang in the city of Silves, 25 miles from Praia da Luz. The Spanish detectives company said they have around 40 detectives working in the case, in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, England and France.

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCann family, made an appeal to anyone who thinks he saw Madeleine to call only Metodo 3 hotline. A new witness called Metodo 3, a few days ago and said he saw Madeleine on May 5, in a small city 100 miles from Algarve. Some British newspapers identified the person who allegedly took Madeleine to Silves as Murat's girlfriend.

Madeleine Trade Mark - 2456061

Registred on May 18, 2007

Proprietor:Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited
2-6 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 6YH

Residence country: United KingdomCustomer's
ref:RJO/EC/203727/0001ADP number:0910987001

Service:Bates Wells & Braithwaite
Scandinavia House, 2-6 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 6YH ADP number:0710671001

Kate's mother criticizes her daughter for leaving the children alone

"I have to say that I'm surprised that Kate and Gerry left their children at all. I have thought about it a lot because they are such caring parents and I think 'why?” - Susan Healy, the grandmother of Madeleine McCann told BBC Panorama. She also accused again Portuguese police of planting evidence to incriminate the McCann in the disappearance of her daughter.

Witness saw Murat’s girlfriend, in Morocco, close to Madeleine

Investigators from Metodo 3 are probing what British Media calls a “sensational claim” from a witness that recognized Michaela Walczuch in the city of Zaio, in the North of Morocco. The witness, Isabel Gonzalez, reported to Spanish police an alleged sighting of Madeleine McCann on June 15. Now, after detectives from Metodo 3 showed her several pictures, she said that the blonde woman she saw, near the same place where Madeleine was, is Robert Murat’s girlfriend.

Metodo 3, a Spanish private detectives company, was hired by the McCann to found evidence that Madeleine was kidnapped. The director of Metodo 3, Francisco Marco, told BBC that he knows who kidnapped Madeleine and also where she is, now. Francisco Marco also told British Media he is “100 % sure” Madeleine is alive.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Moita Flores about Francisco Marco, from Metodo 3: “Spanish detective is a crook...”

Moita Flores, former PJ Chief-Inspector and Criminologist, speaking to SIC, a Portuguese TV channel: “As for the Spanish detective, the theory he comes up with is that of a crook, a crook without conditions to be taken seriously. Because he denies the first rule of criminal investigation, which is not to believe in absolute truths and he considers as an absolute truth that the little girl was abducted, he knows who the abductor was, and where she is. Well, this is false. And this is so false one realizes it's a way of making money and not of bringing us the truth.”
(Translation by “joaohonesto”, taken from the Mirror Forum: “Moita Flores: Spanish Detective is a CROOK!!!”)

Portuguese police accuses Public Prosecutor's Office of framing the McCann

A non-identified source from Polícia Judiciária, quoted by Victoria Ward, from Daily Mirror, said that the possibility of Madeleine being kidnapped was “always one of the main lines of inquiry.” The same source told Daily Mirror: “We (PJ) don't know why that line of inquiry was dismissed without any evidence against the McCann couple.” In Portugal, only the Public Prosecutor's Office has powers to investigate a crime. Polícia Judiciária is the Police force in charge of investigating crime cases, but all the investigations are directed by a magistrate from the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The decision to name the McCann as “arguidos” - formal suspects - was taken by the Public Prosecutor's Office magistrate, Mr. Magalhães e Menezes, following a suggestion from Polícia Judiciária and based on evidence collected by that police force. The McCann were named formal suspects on September 7 and went back to UK the next day.

Kate and Gerry refuse lie detector test

Don Cargill, chairman of the British and European Polygraph Association, said the McCanns told him they would only take the test if it was 100 per cent accurate and admissible in a Portuguese court. He told the Sunday Express: "Kate said she'd take it to prove her innocence but in reality, she wasn't willing.

"I don't think it was the McCanns' fault. I was left with the impression the whole thing was a PR exercise to get sympathy at a time when Kate was under increasing scrutiny."

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Kate and Gerry McCann: Risk evaluation and evolution

Times Online:
“Everyone I know who had been to Portugal with their children said it was very family friendly, and it did feel like that,” says Kate. “If I’d had to think for one second about it, it wouldn’t have happened. I never even had to think like that, to make the decision. It felt so safe that I didn’t even have to – I mean, I don’t think we took a risk. If I put the children in the car the chances of having an accident would be greater than somebody coming in, breaking into your apartment and lifting a child out of her bed. But you never think, I shouldn’t put the children in the car.”

Sky News:
Ian Woods: Looking back, I mean, did you see anything suspicious in the days leading up to her abduction? Did you notice anything? Have you been racking your brains to try and think whether people might have been watching?

Kate McCann: We didn’t

Gerry McCann: If we did we wouldn’t tell you [laughs] because it may be important information but we didn’t. You know, it was such a relaxing holiday. In fact as a family unit, up until that night, I know for friends who were here and certainly for us, it was as good a holiday as we have had with the children – up until that point.

“Mr McCann said that, before Madeleine went missing, he and his wife had been concerned by the security at the back of their Praia da Luz apartment when "maybe the weak spots were at the front".

"It's a corner flat with trees overlooking it - somebody could be hiding there or watching out of view," he said. He added: "I've no doubt that Madeleine was targeted and that makes us sick to the core to think that someone was watching us and our daughter and then targeted her - I think the true word is a predator. But you just don't think there's any trouble and it's certainly the furthest thing from our mind."

From Malta to Portugal: A quick list of Madeleine’s signthings

Mari Olli, Clara Torres, Isabel Gonzalez and Naoual Malhi: They all saw Madeleine in Morocco

Madeleine McCann spotted in Portugal

A new witness found by Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives company hired by the McCann, said that she saw Robert Murat’s girlfirend, Michaela Walczuch, with Madeleine McCann on May 5, two days after the child disappeared from Ocean Club.

Francisco Franco, the director of Metodo, 3 told Daily Mail their investigators are “very, very close to finding her kidnappers”. The witness, who called Metodo 3 hotline, said she saw a man similar to the description made by Jane Tanner in a city 100 miles from Algarve, with Madeleine McCann inside a white van.

Gerry McCann: “In three months' time, if she is still missing...”

"Today - the 50th day since Madeleine's disappearance - Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley in Leicestershire, said they were still waiting for the "vital breakthrough" in the search for their daughter. They released 50 green and yellow balloons, each with a photograph of missing four-year-old tied to it, from the beach in Praia da Luz."
"Mr and Mrs McCann have also revealed that they are considering releasing a cover version of Bryan Adams' hit song Everything I Do, I Do It For You to raise money for their campaign. Mr McCann said: "That song, at the minute, best reflects how Kate and I feel emotionally and how determined we are to continue searching for Madeleine."

"A bit like the balloons, it's to remind everyone 50 days on that Madeleine is still missing. In three months' time, if she is still missing, we'll still be there and we'll still be looking for her." The McCanns, who are both doctors, said they had no intention of giving up the search and currently had no plans to return to work in the UK."

Mail on Sunday, June 22, 2007

Saturday, 17 November 2007

McCann "circle" decided Jane Tanner must talk...

"Jane, 36, one of the seven friends dining with Kate and Gerry McCann in a tapas bar on holiday in Portugal, said she was speaking out – despite being ordered not to by Portuguese police – because she had been labelled a liar and a fantasist. She said she suffers daily torment because she did not immediately realise the significance of what she had seen" (...) “She was a little bit hesitant. In some ways, she was loath to do it but the subject had been agreed with all the circle and the lawyers.” - Daily Express, September 17, 2007.

Private investigator: All Tapas Group left their children unsupervised and alone

“A Stoughton private investigator hired by the CBS show “48 Hours” to probe the mysterious disappearance of a little British girl believes her parents are innocent but found holes in their story. Joe Moura, who speaks fluent Portuguese, spent 15 days last month posing undercover as a vacationing businessman at the Ocean Club in Portugal’s resort town of Praia da Luz - where little Madeleine McCann vanished in May in a story that has made international headlines.”
“Moura discovered that the routine of the McCanns and their friends was always the same. “They all had dinner at the same time every night,” Moura said. “They all left their children in apartments - unsupervised and alone. This was a pattern that went on for five days.”
“The McCanns also claimed that they could see the corner apartment where they were staying from the restaurant, but Moura said a large wall covered with a hedge blocks the view. The parents claim they checked on their children every half-hour - the girl was discovered missing at 10 p.m. - but Moura said witnesses told him only one person - the tallest man of the group and not her parents - got up from the table.
“Moura, who has worked on thousands of cases during his 34-year career, believes a pedophile snatched Madeleine. After speaking with numerous employees, familiarizing himself with the compound and reviewing the time line, Moura said it would have been impossible for the McCanns to harm their daughter and dispose of her body. “It doesn’t work,” he said. “The time doesn’t work.” - Boston Herald

McCanns allow Jane Tanner to talk

"Jane, of Exeter, agreed with the permission of the McCanns to speak to BBC's Panorama for a one-hour special report on Monday night. The footage has been shared with US network CBS, which plans to air it tonight. A Portuguese programme will screen another version tomorrow. Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said: "All the friends have become frustrated at the secrecy under the Portuguese legal system. Jane felt now was the time to put the record straight." - Mirror, September 17, 2007

Thursday, 15 November 2007

“Most Wanted” special about Madeleine McCann

America’s Most Wanted”, from Fox, will be broadcasted from London, next Saturday, November 17, and will be dedicated to Madeleine McCann disappearance. Journalist John Turchin, a Fox correspondent in Portugal, analysed the crime scene at Praia da Luz and talks about the several possible scenarios.”

New “intimate” footage show McCanns after Madeleine disappeared

CBS will air exclusive footage tracking the McCann family following Maddie's disappearance from their rented apartment. The video was shot by a family friend, according to CBS website. It will be broadcasted this Saturday, in a special report that includes also an interview with Gerry McCann.
The father or Madeleine told CBS that he and his wife “will always live with the fact that Kate and I were not in the apartment when it happened.” A source from Polícia Judiciária told that they have no information about the existence of a video shot after Madeleine disappeared

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Bosnian police confirms – Blond girl from Medjugorje is not Madeleine

The blonde child seen by an Irish tourist on November 1st, in the catholic sanctuary of Medjugorje, is not Madeleine McCann. Bosnia police identified the child as Tea Dedic, who lives in the city of Ljubuski with her parents

Forensic Science Service tests point towards the McCanns

“British sources have indicated that the tests - and subsequent analysis carried out by the forensic scientists - continue to point towards the McCanns' involvement and that nothing has been discovered to suggest the involvement of any other person.”

Daily Mail, November 14, 2007

A reason for the McCanns to hire private investigators

“The McCanns are also considering using the fund to hire a team of investigators in France and Spain (...) ‘Previously there were sightings all over the world, which gave Gerry and Kate hope of finding their daughter. Recently, since the police focused on Gerry and Kate, these have stopped. We want the new campaign to encourage people to keep looking.”

John Corner, Amelie’s godfather and PR consultant (Times Online, September 16, 2007)

The McCanns prepare a “new campaign” to find Madeleine

Daily Mail, September 16, 2007

“(...) the McCanns announced plans to launch a new advertising blitz to to try and find the missing four-year-old alive. Up to £80,000 will be used from the 'find Madeleine fund' to pay for newspaper, television and billboard adverts which will publicise her disappearance in May. Beginning in a fortnight, the campaign will focus on Spain, Portugal and other areas of Europe.”

Sky News, October 9, 2007

“Gerry and Kate McCann are launching a new campaign to find their daughter. They will focus on the remotest mountain villages in Morocco, Portugal and Spain to reach those who have never heard of the missing girl. Their spokesman speaks to Sky News Online.”

Editor’s Note: In Portugal, we are still waiting for the new campaign to start...

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Public Prosecutor's Office reacts to Roger Knapman's letter

“The accusations against the Portuguese judicial system and Polícia Judiciária are totally groundless and even contradictory to what the English Government and Police have been saying”, Mr. Pinto Monteiro, the head of Portuguese Public Prosecutor's Office, told Gazeta Digital, when asked to comment about the content of a letter sent on behalf of Mr. Roger Knapman, an English member of European Parliament, about Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

Mr. Pinto Monteiro said that he had no further comment because he thinks that the answer to a member of the European Parliament should be a political answer, instead of a legal answer. Mr. Roger Knapman acknowledged, in a letter sent on his behalf, that “British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts” concerning Madeleine McCann disappearance “than the Portuguese police”.

The letter referred also that “Portuguese police is corrupt”, investigation of Madeleine's disappearance was “amateurish” and “flawed”, and British citizens need to be protected by their Government against a country like Portugal, where the judicial system is “suspect”, most police officers were trained under the fascist regime that ended in 1974 and legal system doesn't includes the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

All Roger Knapman threads deleted from Mirror's Forum

All the threads discussing the letter sent on behalf of Roger Knapman, a British member of European Parliament, to a constituent that raised several questions concerning Madeleine's case, in the Mirror's Forum, have been deleted "by Admin at the highest level and we have been asked to remove any threads that re-post copies of the Emails or discuss them in any detail", according to a post from the moderators of Mirror's Forum: "Moderators can't give you any more information about why this action was taken as we don't know at this stage."

Mr. Roger Knapman aknowledged, in a letter sent on his behalf, that “British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts” concerning Madeleine McCann disappearance “than the Portuguese police”. Asked to comment the content of the letter, send on his behalf by his assistant, Piers Merchant, Mr. Roger Kapman told Sky News: "It sounds fair enough. Piers has very carefully investigated this matter and responded on my behalf."

Madeleine McCann: British Intelligence services know more than Portuguese police

“In any event I think you can rest assured that the British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts of this case than the Portuguese police”, says a letter sent on behalf of Roger Knapman, a British member of European Parliament, to a constituent that raised several questions concerning the case.

The letter said also that “Portuguese police is corrupt”, investigation of Madeleine's disappearance was “amateurish” and “flawed”, and British citizens need to be protected by their Government against a country like Portugal, where the judicial system is “suspect”, most police officers were trained under the fascist regime that ended in 1974 and legal system doesn't includes the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

Asked to comment the content of the letter, send on his behalf by his assistant, Piers Merchant, Mr. Roger Kapman told Sky News: "It sounds fair enough. Piers has very carefully investigated this matter and responded on my behalf."

Monday, 12 November 2007

Lawyer from “Tapas 1”: “The lobby surrounding the McCann is frightening” (Full story from "El Mundo", November 11, 2007)

“My client must keep secret what he can do help the search for the truth and this is not due to the law secrecy in Portugal. That is is quite revealing of the strange circumstances around this case”, says the lawyer of one of the two McCann friends that were at Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, and decided to have a close cooperation with Police, as “El Mundo” published, last Tuesday. “He is not afraid of the McCann but the economic and political lobby that exists, around that couple, frightens any person.”

“Police was called only after the group analysed the problems they could face for having left the children alone and until now, my client had no chance to talk for himself”, the London-based lawyer said. Since September, he represents one of the two friends of the McCann that contacted police and asked for an opportunity to be requestioned, in order to correct some details and discrepancies of the statements made by the group of nine persons that were on holidays at Ocean Club. “What my client wants is to get the truth out – meaning, he is not there to accuse or to clear anyone, that's a police job. He just wants to help police to know the truth about what happened before, during and after that diner, on May 3.”

Asked to comment the denial from Clarence Mitchell, the McCann spokesman who claimed he has been in touch with all the seven McCann friends and all of them told they gave no instructions to their lawyers to contact police and be requestioned, the British lawyer said: “When you look at all the pressure that has been put up over him and others, it's natural that my client would not tell Clarence Mitchell he decided to have his own legal representation and a more close cooperation with police.”

A strong critic of the Media frenzy about Madeleine's disappearance, the lawyer of this member of Tapas group considers that the case is “much more serious” than most people thinks: “I don't want to accuse anyone, but there are people close to the McCann that is not really helping them. However, my client intention is to bring the truth out, in this sad story, no matter who gets hurt.”

The support the McCann had from the Government is another aspect the lawyer criticises: “I understand that our Government had the legal obligation to help the McCann. What I don't understand is that they received such a help that goes further and over anything that would be normal, for a case like this. But, since the the first hours, it was clear that Madeleine's case was not just a normal police case. My client had no support, at all, from the British authorities – only through the McCann couple.”

Questioned about the British Government involvement and political connections related with the case, the London-based lawyer said: “It's not my job to explain why and how politicians had intervened in this case, but I'm afraid that those interventions have been prejudicial not only to my client, but also to the search for the truth.”

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Version Española - Version Française

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Philomena McCann: Madeleine could have been snatched by a Saudi paedophile

Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives agency hired by the McCann have extended their search to Saudi Arabia, according to Philomena McCann, sister of Gerry McCann. Speaking to the magazine The People, Philomena McCann said investigators from Metodo 3 believe Madeleine McCann “may have been snatched by a millionaire paedophile” from Saudi Arabia.

"They are searching everywhere for her and Saudi Arabia is the latest destination - we don't know why. We are hoping they are following up a lead which will help us find her. We pray the detectives can bring her back safe and sound”, Madeleine's aunt told The People.

He Spanish detectives consider that “the Middle East state could harbour thousands of people wealthy enough to pay for a 'trophy' European child to be kidnapped to order.”

Lawyer from 'Tapas 1': “The lobby surrounding the McCann is frightening”

The lawyer from one of the persons that wants to change his testimony criticizes the lobby around the parents of Madeleine – story published in “El Mundo", November 11, 2007

“My client must keep secret what he can do help the search for the truth and this is not due to the law secrecy in Portugal. That is is quite revealing of the strange circumstances around this case”, says the lawyer of one of the two McCann friends that were at Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, and decided to have a close cooperation with Police, as “El Mundo” published, last Tuesday. “He is not afraid of the McCann but the economic and political lobby that exists, around that couple, frightens any person.”

Spanish and French versions

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Clarence Mitchell called Policia Judiciária and demanded McCann “arguido status lifted now”

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell called on detectives investigating Madeleine’s disappearance “to lift the couple’s ‘arguido’ official suspect status”, according to the Daily Star.

The former director of Media Monitoring Unit said: “We have heard nothing from the police. Kate and Gerry need to be eliminated now so the police can concentrate their efforts on finding Madeleine. We want their arguido status lifted now.”

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Madeleine McCann spotted in Bosnia

An Irish tourist claimed he saw Madeleine McCann, ten days ago, in the city of Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The man phoned Bosnian police, who refused to accept his report. Later, he contacted the Spanish detectives company hired by the McCann, Método 3. This sigthing in Bosnia is “being taken seriously”, the McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, told to Daily Mail.

PJ “lacking money” for Madeleine's investigation is McCann's lawyers “empty talk”

The president of Public Prosecutor's Magistrates Union, António Cluny, dismissed the idea that Portuguese police has no more money to keep Madeleine's investigation going on as “empty talk” coming from the McCann lawyers. British Media quoted a member of McCann legal defence team as accusing Portuguese police of scaling down the search for Madeleine because they run out of cash: “If it was not for the McCanns’ action, no one would be searching for their daughter. They are doing what no one else will and on top of it all they are under suspicion. It is absurd.”

This is the second time the argument of lack of money is used, by the McCann Team, to accuse Policia Judiciária of mishandling the investigation. The first time, it was used by Kate McCann, in September, on a interview with the News of The World, the day they were named as formal suspects. However, News of The World has changed the text, on it's website, in order to delete the most damaging remarks made by Kate McCann.

But other newspapers have also published the same statements. The Daily Telegraph refers that Kate said, on September 10, that "the Portuguese police are running out of budget for this investigation and want it to end.” The Age also quotes an interview with Sunday Mirror where Kate makes the same accusations. Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Kate said that Portuguese police was framing her: “Breaking down in tears, distraught Kate said of the Portuguese police: 'They want me to lie - I'm being framed.”

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

McCann friends breaking ranks

Lawyers from two of the McCann friends who were having dinner at Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, have contacted Police, recently, and told their clients were willing to be questioned again, in order to "correct" some details that were mentioned in their initial statements. The two members of Tapas' group asked for their identity to remain confidential, as they fear the "clarification" they want to do, about the events on the night Madeleine disappeared, could bring some pressure from people connected to the McCann family.

Contradictions among the seven friends that were having diner with the parents of Madeleine McCann have been, since the beginning, one of the reasons why the investigation of Polícia Judiciária has looked into other theory, apart the possibility of a kidnapping. After Gonçalo Amaral was replaced as the head of the investigation, by Paulo Rebelo, on October 3, a complete review of the case and all evidence collected has taken place.

But the results of this review, until now, didn't changed the main line of inquiry – one that Portuguese police first referred on August 11, exactly hundred days after Madeleine's disappearance. Paulo Rebelo called a meeting with the all investigators involved in the case and invited Gonçalo Amaral to participate, last week, in order to be briefed about the review made by the team of experts he brought from Lisbon.

Police is now getting ready for the final steps of the investigation: a new round of questioning of the McCann's friends, to take place in UK, after all the results from the samples collected at the crime scene and sent to the Forensic Science Service, in Birmingham. Until now, all evidence collected "gives consistency to the possibility of Madeleine McCann being dead and there are almost no leads than point to a kidnapping", according to a source close to the case.

Since the end of May, when first reports were published in the Portuguese Press, casting doubts about the statements of parents and friends, the McCann started their own private investigation. They hired Control Risk Group, a risk management and security company, staffed with former members of the British Special Forces and Intelligence services, to help find Madeleine. But this contract was revealed only in September and, during that time, the couple from Leicester always made clear they trusted the investigation of the Portuguese police.

When the former head of PJ team, Gonçalo Amaral, was replaced, after criticizing the lack of cooperation from the British Police, the McCann said they hoped the man in charge, Paulo Rebelo, would drop the status of "formal suspects" the parents were given, in early September, and go back to the initial theory – that Madeleine was kidnapped. At the same time, they hired Metodo 3, a leading Spanish detectives company, to set up a hotline for witnesses with information about the child.

In the first weeks, dozens of alleged sightings were reported to that hotline, putting Madeleine McCann in specific areas, in Morocco. This weekend, Moroccan authorities made a clear denial of the existence of any clue about the presence of Madeleine McCann in Morocco and announced that one of the alleged "positive identifications", in the city of Fnideq, was a local girl who lives with her parents.

The campaign to find Madeleine was supposed to start a new phase, in October, with Portugal, Spain and Morocco as main targets but no signals of that new phase are visible, yet. A request for an interview with the McCann, on behalf of French and Moroccan TV channels, was considered "very interesting" but postponed to a unknown date because, according to the McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, Gerry and Kate's lawyers advised them not to do any interviews. The last one, to Antena 3, gave the opposite results the McCann expected. Even with Kate McCann crying in public, for the first time, a pool showed around 70 % or Spanish viewers believed the parents are not telling the truth about their daughter.

Duarte Levy (London) and Paulo Reis (Praia da Luz)

Version Française - Story published on El Mundo

Monday, 5 November 2007

Another blonde Moroccan girl who is not Madeleine McCann...

The blonde girl identified in the city of Fnideq as Madeleine McCann, by Naoual Malhi, a witness who contacted Metodo 3, is a Moroccan child and was found living with their parents, according to the director of Moroccan Judicial Police. The sighting was reported to Metodo 3 by a Moroccan doctor, divorced, who lives in a British expatriate community near Malaga, Spain.

The woman saw the blonde girl in August and allegedly reported it to Spanish Police, but only six days after. However, she was absolutely sure the girl was Madeleine McCann: “I'd seen her picture a thousand times, and the girl I saw was her. She had that distinctive right eye where the pupil runs into the iris. She was exactly the same as in the pictures, except that she had a bump like a bruise on the left side of her forehead and her hair was a lot shorter, like a boy's. It is like me seeing my mother and knowing it is her”, she told the Daily Mail.

Naoual Malhi, described by the British media as a “Westernised Moroccan who wears fashionable clothes and lives in an expat British community on the Costa del Sol with her own four-year-old daughter, Ines”, contacted recently Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives company hired by Gerry and Kate to help find her daughter, and reported again the sighting. The company set up a hotline in Madrid and the McCann asked witness who may have some information about a possible sighting of Madeleine to call the Spanish hotline, instead of Portuguese or British Police.

Other searches have taken place at Karia Ba Mohammed, a well-known tourist area (even if Daily Mail says that it's hard to see a Western face, around there..) following unconfirmed reports of several sightings of Madeleine, received and revealed to the Press by the detectives of Metodo 3. No indication or evidence of the presence of Madeleine was found, according to local authorities.

Portuguese Police isn’t allowed to drop Madelein’s case

The Sunday Mirror, quoting Portuguese Police sources, wrote yesterday, November 4, that “Portuguese detectives investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance plan to close the case by Christmas.” But Police has no legal power to take that kind decision, in the Portuguese judicial system. All crime investigations are directed by the the Public Prosecutor's Office, the only institution with authority to open and close a crime investigation.

The story, from the journalists Susie Boniface and Grant Hodgson, quoted “a source inside Portuguese police” as having told Sunday Mirror that police in Portugal now believes that Madeleine McCann will never be found and Portuguese cops “are satisfied for the shadow of suspicion to hang over the McCanns.”

“Quoting a source from PJ as saying the case will be closed is the best evidence that the story is a fabrication”, a Public Prosecutor's magistrate told Gazeta Digital. An official source from PJ told SOS Madeleine that it “will be ridicule, as we, Police, have no power to do that. I can guarantee that no Inspector from PJ that could ever make this kind of statement.”

Moroccan government denies Metodo 3

The Moroccan Interior minister, Mr. Chakib Benmoussa, said today that there is no evidence at all that gives credibility to the “findings” of Metodo 3 and reports of British Media, concerning the presence of Madeleine in that North-African country. Moroccan authorities “have been cooperating closely with Portuguese and British Police, in the investigation of Madeleine McCann and we have no indication, at all, about the presence of the child in Morocco”, Mr. Chakib Benmoussa told journalists, before the opening ceremony of the 76th General-Assembly of Interpol, in Marrakesh.

Francisco Marco, director of a Spanish private detective company hired by the McCann, said recently that Madeleine was alive in Morocco and Metodo 3 will rescue her, in the next five months. Several British journalists went to Morocco and allegedly found “hundreds” of witnesses that guarantee they saw Madeleine McCann in that country. Previous sightings in Morocco, by witnesses that were “100 % sure” they saw Madeleine, produced no evidence

600 hundred children missing in UK since May 2007

Many “have no parents to launch an appeal, few have gained media attention and none on the scale devoted to the McCann case.” From the 9,000 children missing since May 2007, in UK, 600 hundred were not yet found, according to The Independent.

“The biggest UK charity dealing with missing children said that the families of all the children who have gone missing in the past six months were suffering ‘agony and a sense of not knowing’. Paul Tuohy, chief executive of Missing People, added: ‘In the UK each year 140,000 children are reported missing. We cannot forget these other young people and their families who are also left in limbo."

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Paul Luckman, “Portugal News”: McCann are guilty of leaving the children alone

“I was there (at Ocean Club) at 9.30 am, next day, and everybody was there: regular police, Policia Judiciaria, firemen, Civil Defence, all resources were there and everybody was looking for the child” - this was the description of Praia da Luz, made by Paul Luckman, editor of Portugal News, an English-language newspaper published in Algarve, during a debate in a TV program, “Sociedade Civil”, from RTP.

Paul Luckman said that “the parents are guilty of leaving their children alone” and criticized the fact that the McCann didn't used the baby-sitting service available at Ocean Club: “A baby-sitter costs 12 euros per hour...” About what happened the night Madeleine disappeared, Luckman admitted that an accident could be something “possible”, in theory. The editor of “Portugal News” said that “the McCann and his team should stop criticizing Portugal and the Portuguese police”, and they should apologize, “because it was their fault, all of this problem.”

Portuguese Embassy complained to PCC

The Portuguese Embassy in London sent a protest to the Press Complaints Commission, following an offensive opinion column from Tony Parsons in the Mirror, according to Sol, a Portuguese weekly. Quoting “diplomatic sources”, the newspaper refers that the Embassy sent a “formal diplomatic note” complaining of what it considers an “abuse of Press Freedom”. Tony Parsons called the Ambassador remarks on a interview with The Times, “stupid” and advised him to “keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut.” The column tittle was “Oh, up yours, senor.”

Friday, 2 November 2007

Gerry McCann sent 14 written messages on the night of May 3

The father of Madeleine McCann sent 14 written messages from a mobile phone, just before the alarm (*) about the disappearance of the child was raised, on the night of May 3, according to a special report from RTP, a Portuguese TV channel. The report also mentioned that the McCann didn't went through the check in, at Faro Airport, when they left Portugal back to England, following a formal request of the British ambassador.

The blood found in the apartment A5 was discovered after the dogs from South Yorkshire police were brought in and it was necessary that forensic experts took out part of the wodden floor to extract the samples. Other blood samples collected at the Renault Scenic had 15 detectable positive matches with Madeleine's DNA, in a total of 19 DNA-markers, referred the same report.

(*) The messages were sent during the diner, before Kate went to check the children, at 10.00pm and raised the alarm when she realised Madeleine had disappeared. Police was called almost one hour later.

Missing children in Portugal: eight cases still open in the last 14 years

Polícia Judiciária has only eight cases of missing children still open, in the last 14 years – and one of those cases is Madeleine McCann. Carlos Anjos, president of PJ detectives union, told Diário de Notícias that “time is not the main reason to disregard the possibility of a kidnapping, but it confirms the main line of investigation.”

Moita Flores, a former PJ Chief Inspector, agrees: “Is it was a kidnapping, there will be some clear evidence. And police would have that evidence. A kidnapping is always something that is done in a hurry, leaving some evidence. If, after six months, the possibility of a kidnapping – even without finding the child – is not considered, it's because we are facing an homicide.” Six months, for Carlos Anjos, “is not too much time, because we are waiting for the results from Birmingham since more than three months.”

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Moroccan police: Madeleine in Morocco just “doesn't make any sense...”

“Only in Italy, there were around 3.000 Moroccan children and youngsters in the prostitution networks, in 2006”, according to a a senior police officer from Moroccan police: “Almost all cases of other children being brought to Morocco are related with divorce cases, when the father or mother, married in a foreign country, brings them to Morocco.”

A member of “Touche pas à mon enfant”, a Moroccan organization that fights child abuse, confirmed this situation and told SOS Madeleine that he doesn't believe in the possibility that Madeleine was brought to Morocco by a paedophile network: “There are hundreds of blonde children with blue eyes in the Rif area”, he said. Asked to comment about the conclusions of Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives company that allegedly had strong clues about the presence of Madeleine in Morocco, the source from Moroccan police said: “The Spanish only now discovered that there are blonde people in Morocco. Do you think they know our country better than us?”

Paedophilia exists in Morocco, like in many other countries, but it's “Moroccan children that are the target of abusers, many of them foreigners: 43 % or cases reported to Police involve foreign citizens from European countries”, says a report from “Child's Rights Watcher”, an organization set up in 1999 to monitor child abuse.

Several high profile cases, involving European tourist, have been uncovered in the last years. Three French citizens were arrested in Eurika, with five porno movies where they used Moroccan children. “Each child was paid between 18 and 45 euros. We have a 'zero tolerance' for paedophilia, but poverty makes our children an easy prey for those kind of 'tourists'. And the idea of bringing foreign children – Maddie or any otter child – to Morocco, for this, just doesn't make any sense”, the same senior police officer told SOS Madeleine.

Moroccan Intelligence services and local police set up several operations in the Rif area, against drug traffickers, after the first sightings of Madeleine in that country were reported, in early May. A “message” was sent to main drug trafficker networks, telling to check all known criminals “working” in that area, with connections to child prostitution. “If somebody had the child, there will be no way of escaping the 'drug Mafia', they know everything and everybody in that area”, according to a source from Moroccan Intelligence services.

The Rif mountains are home of the main producers of hashish, for the European market. But even this uncommon police operation had no result at all, and until now Moroccan “Sureté Nacionale” denies strongly that any reliable clue or evidence of Madeleine McCann has been found.

The presence of Madeleine in Morocco was also dismissed as not credible by Mark Williams-Thomas, a former policemen and managing-director of WT Associates. The theory of Metodo 3 – Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile gang who stole the child to order – shows "a distinct lack of understanding of paedophiles and how they work", criminal analyst Mark Williams-Thomas told the Daily Mail: "Evidence from what we know about how paedophiles operate would suggest that if Madeleine was abducted by a predatory paedophile the likelihood of her surviving after first 48 hours, are very slim.”

If Madeleine is alive “she would not be out in the open and spotted by general members of the public. She would be hidden away. Even in these remote areas of Morocco, nobody could risk her being seen”, according to Mark William-Thomas. Marita Frenandez, the head of Metodo 3, the company hired by the McCann, told journalists that “it's absolutely sure that Madeleine is alive. (People) Saw the spot in her eye. If it was seen, Madeleine is nor dead.” Metodo 3 also confirmed they have “clues” that can solve the case.

Francisco Marco, Metodo 3's director-general, gave more specific details, including the alleged location of Madeleine, in Morocco, where she was spotted with a 60 years-old-woman.

Meanwhile, reports emerged from British Press, about a nanny that allegedly saw a suspect near the McCann apartment. The suspect was spotted in 2006, one year before Madeleine McCann disappeared, according to the Daily Mail edition of October 30. The nanny called, a few days ago, the hotline that McCann set up in Spain, which is managed by Metodo 3, and told them about this new suspect.

Duarte Levy (Chefchaouen) and Paulo Reis (Lisbon)

Version Française

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