Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Another blonde Moroccan girl who is not Madeleine McCann...

The blonde girl identified in the city of Fnideq as Madeleine McCann, by Naoual Malhi, a witness who contacted Metodo 3, is a Moroccan child and was found living with their parents, according to the director of Moroccan Judicial Police. The sighting was reported to Metodo 3 by a Moroccan doctor, divorced, who lives in a British expatriate community near Malaga, Spain.

The woman saw the blonde girl in August and allegedly reported it to Spanish Police, but only six days after. However, she was absolutely sure the girl was Madeleine McCann: “I'd seen her picture a thousand times, and the girl I saw was her. She had that distinctive right eye where the pupil runs into the iris. She was exactly the same as in the pictures, except that she had a bump like a bruise on the left side of her forehead and her hair was a lot shorter, like a boy's. It is like me seeing my mother and knowing it is her”, she told the Daily Mail.

Naoual Malhi, described by the British media as a “Westernised Moroccan who wears fashionable clothes and lives in an expat British community on the Costa del Sol with her own four-year-old daughter, Ines”, contacted recently Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives company hired by Gerry and Kate to help find her daughter, and reported again the sighting. The company set up a hotline in Madrid and the McCann asked witness who may have some information about a possible sighting of Madeleine to call the Spanish hotline, instead of Portuguese or British Police.

Other searches have taken place at Karia Ba Mohammed, a well-known tourist area (even if Daily Mail says that it's hard to see a Western face, around there..) following unconfirmed reports of several sightings of Madeleine, received and revealed to the Press by the detectives of Metodo 3. No indication or evidence of the presence of Madeleine was found, according to local authorities.


Anonymous said...

Fiquei muito surpreendida por não ser a MaddY!!!!

Bom trabalho, Paulo!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is excellent Paulo, a real antidote for all this ludicrous nonsense being reported, well done!

Anonymous said...

If I not incorrect I believe this woman is reported in a British newspaper today as having received death threats from the Mafia because she identified Maddy. Yet more money from the McCann fund wasted on fairytale stories from the unbalanced.

Anonymous said...

Azar para os Mc Cann, uma vez mais!
Dava mesmo um jeitão que os «avistamentos» não fossem desmascarados!

Anonymous said...

De outro blog, o belga:
Qui est Qui ?

Sjanneke Hofstede
Qual é a relação?
Quem fez mais fertilização in vitro,no grupo tapa´s?
É irmã?
Era para ser ela.....?

Anonymous said...

When are the McCanns going to put an end to this pantomine?

Poor Maddie.