Sunday, 25 November 2007

Another week, another nanny

A new nanny (or the old one?) has came forward with another story: she saw a man who she later identified as Robert Murat, trying to snatch a baby from the same apartment Madeleine vanished – but it happened last year, 2006. “Comical Clari”, as always, is doing his worst. “She informed cops after the incident at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal, at the end of last year. Now she has given a statement to the Metodo 3 detective agency”, according to the News of the World. Five members from the family that owns and manages Metodo 3, the private investigators hired by Brian Kennedy to find Madeleine, were arrested, in 1995 and charged with illegal phone tapping. The case was dismissed, later. Those imbeciles of Metodo 3 said, few days ago, they knew already who has kidnapped Madeleine and where she was. Millions of viewers saw and heard it, on TV. Now, they say they “have narrowed their search to a hit list of ten paedophiles”, the Daily Star wrote. I don’t know who is more stupid: Mr. Francisco Marco, from Metodo 3 or Dominik Lemanski, the journalist from Daily Star who wrote the story. Clarence Mitchell and the McCann put a great trust on the capacity of Metodo 3. Right. But not to find Madeleine.

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Trying to think of which 'Allo 'Allo waitress she reminds me of.