Sunday, 25 November 2007

Behaving like a British journalist

One thing seems clear, since the beginning: Tapas group are hiding something. And British tabloids, which followed Princess Diana everywhere, seem to keep a very respectful distance to the McCann friends. British journalists are around Robert Murat's girlfriend house the all day. There isn't one British journalist near the houses of David Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Jane Tanner, Charlotte Pennington or Najova Chekaya, that strange fitness instructor that had a different version of events on May 3. I remember previous cases when British tabloids have placed dozens of photographers on the trail of people connected to cases that were a good front page story. In this case, almost two dozen people with a good knowledge about what happened are able to go on with their daily routine, without a single journalist or photographer crossing their way. British journalists have orders not to disturb anyone connected to the McCann family. They know that only news that supports the claim of innocence of the McCann are accepted by editors, following their bosses’ orders. That's why they know a lot of things that people can't see on The Sun or Daily Mail. Because they can't publish it. So, they post at a few chosen message boards and forums - usually, at the Mirror's forums. And they talk with friends and colleagues, and they call other friends and colleagues, to give some tips and some information about the McCann, because they know they can't publish that information in the British Press. For the Media tycoons, the McCann must be innocent. They have to be innocent, whatever the reality is. I wonder why a couple of the richest businessmen in UK need the McCann to be innocent. Who do they want to please?


Anonymous said...

They want to please R. Murdoch, owner of the press in UK

Judith C said...

Absolutely spot on! The Portuguese PM has been leaned on by Comrade Stalin McBroon, our risible PM. McBroon has leaned on our media and press to be totally pro-McCann, and the dirty little people are now looking around for someone to pin this thing onto. I hope the Portuguese police (and their superiors)have the guts - and the luck to find the body - to pursue this case and bring these liars and users and hypocrites to justice. I am ashamed to be British, but that's been the case for more years now than I care to remember.

James said...

Please keep up the good work, I am ashamed of the British media.

I need help though, what does the British press stand to gain from being pro-mccann?


transfattyacid said...

Maybe because they know it is a hoax....

brandon f said...

thank you for your voice of reason
spread it to some normal people in uk

keep up the good honest work!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Paulo good work, really, this forum is a breath of fresh air from the BS in the British Press.

Why don't they get Dog the Bounty Hunter to look for her? Apparently he can find anyone.

Anonymous said...

Why does Murdoch want people to think the McCanns are innocent? Whats the connection? Whats in it for him?

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work.

Most people are with you on this, as you probably know...

This is a very strange story, and I wonder if we will ever really get to the bottom of it. Somebody important has a lot to lose, that's for sure.

Kind regards,

Anonymous the 1st

Anonymous said...

I am confused about David Mills - the producer or BBCs Panorama program who is said to have quit the BBC because they presented a very biased version of his documentary against the McCanns. I watched the program in the Youtube and thought it very biased in FAVOUR of the McCanns. What's going on? It doen't make any sense politicians, millionaires, spin doctors, extradition lawyers ALL protecting the McCanns and the BBC trying to blame them. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Paulo, please, why don't you make any comments on todays article in the Daily Mail? It refers to an article published in the Portuguese newspaper "Publico" stating that the PJ have decided to clear the McCanns because she was killed by a paedophile at the time of the kidnapping. I am beginning to worry: has the PJ given in to government pressure?

summer said...


I'd like to know what you think about the article that was published in Publico today.

Not a single source mentioned, but several allusions to 'senior PJ officers'. A complete dismissal of the dogs (although based on a reasoning that is laughable, i.e. 'the dogs don't fit in with the theory, hence the dogs are wrong), a discrediting of the DNA evidence, and a theory that is mainly based on Ms Tanner's statement, completely ignoring the doubts that have been cast on that testimony.

Who wrote that article & why?

Thank you for your work, I may not always have agreed with you (especially in the early days) but I admire your courage & determination to discover the truth.

Anonymous said...

That article dailymail says will clear The McCanns name if PJ believe the kidnapper killed her,
But at the sametime daily mail refers to the same article as a hyberlink, and that has this title:
Portuguese police 'believed Kate and Gerry sold Madeleine to paedophiles'

So Im very confused what they mean, does this clear the McCanns name or not? And if we say a paedophile killed madeleine in the bedroom, then why did the paedophile carry Maddies body with her? And when Jane Tanner supposedly saw the kidnapper that man didnt run.

He must be very cool if he goes in strangles maddie, carrys her through the window, and slowly walks aways with her in a crowded street at night.

Anonymous said...

An election is well over due in the U.K

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe that "Público" would write an article of that kind. I went to their Internet site and couldn't find the article. Could the Daily Mail had invented the whole story? Was the source of their story a newspaper other than "Publico"? What's going on?

Anonymous said...

This is very strange what is going on.

Dailymail says stuff like:

Respected Portuguese daily Publico, in a chilling recreation of what police are now said to believe may have been Madeleine's final few seconds of life, claimed today: "It was a moment. An unexpected event thwarted the prospect of desire. Madeleine cries as she wakes from her sleep. Her fear makes itself heard.

"She has to be silenced. Violence, suffocation probably. And unexpected death.

"All over in minutes. Now he had to get her out of there. Close the door. Flee as fast as he could.

"The theory this is the explanation behind Madeleine's McCann's disappearance, the night of May 3, was practically ruled out previously by police investigators.

"Now though, it's gaining strength in the centre of the investigation."

Police are said to believe an intruder would have stalked the McCann family during their Algarve holiday. And he would have known from building up a picture of their daily routine that the best time to strike was when they put Madeleine, now four, and twins Sean and Amelie, two, to bed and went to eat tapas at a nearby restaurant with friends.

I try to find this Portugeuse paper and that article that has given so much in the case and i found only this place:

And this place basically only says that:

PJ admits news hypothesis in case of Maddie. English girl will be able to to have been dead by an intruder.

It doesnt say anymore.

Is there another Publico that i cant find???

Or are they making a big story out of a few words?

But no matter what, it seems like that no body no evidence is very strong, and that PJ without a body will but this case on the shelf.