Thursday, 29 November 2007

Diplomatic warning to London

“Contradictory statements” and a clear lack of cooperation with Portuguese police raised suspicions about the McCann that were reported to a British Government member by diplomatic staff based in Portugal. The document, classified as confidential, also called the attention to consequences of what was considered “overstepping” the limits and pressing local authorities, resulting from the actions of another local British diplomatic representative. The message asked for confirmation of previous instructions, coming from London, ordering that “full support” was given to the McCann, by all diplomatic representatives in Portugal and British police officers, sent from Leicestershire and Scotland Yard, to follow the investigations of Madeleine’s disappearance. One of the specific instructions stated that the McCann should be always accompanied, either by a diplomatic representative or a police officer, in all contacts with Portuguese police.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Version Française


Anonymous said...

Dear Duarte,
Dear Paulo,

I have just read the French version.
Baffling indeed but are we really surprised?

I guess not.

Thank you so much again for your excellent work.

Livia x

Anonymous said...

I wander what the new instructions are, especially regarding pressure. Well, the McCanns are in the UK now, and are accompanied by Clarence Mitchell - it also says a lot.

Anonymous said...

My Dear and poor litle Baby,MADDIE, you must have all the justice to you.
A couple had all protection!
You, all our love.
The couple.....a demoniac couple.

God,make justice to Maddie,pease!

Anonymous said...

It's all so odd and suspicious. Does the word 'Freemasons' speing to anyone elses mind?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have indeed heard things very much along these lines, but have no hard source.

Sosmaddie is just a blog, no? Do you know and can you tell us where the original report comes from?


Anonymous said...

Interference on the UK forums yet again!!

Anonymous said...

3.50pm Nov 29 There seems to be a black out here in UK. Let us know what is happening ,Paulo. Thanks

Anonymous said...

your article is mentioned in

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am writing from the States. Do you know if the British government has issued an explanation as to why it has withheld government protection and representation from Mr. Murat, whom I understand is also a British citizen?

Why is it that the British government allows him to take the blame for the McCann's disastrous child neglect and endangerment program? As far as I can tell, he wasn't even a part of the Tapas bar group.

What is going on?

Paulette said...

anon 19:54,

I agree it is bewildering. I have also asked myself the very same question.

If it is true that the British government is only doing for the McCanns and Tapas 7 what they would for any British subject then why have they not offered the same support and protection to Robert Murat a Briton?

truth will come out said...

I thought this is an interesting article (from

Forensic expert defends Portugese police involved in Madeleine case

A north east forensic expert who has been carrying out an independent study of the Madeleine McCann case says Portugese police are right to consider the missing girl's parents as suspects.

Professor David Barclay, of the Robert Gordon University, has been reviewing the case for a television documentary, and believes the four-year-old is probably dead.

She has been the centre of one of the world's biggest ever missing-persons cases.

Six months after she vanished, no trace of Madeline McCann has been found.

World-renowned forensic expert Professor Barclay was recently called in to re-examine the


Working for a television documentary, the RGU academic looked at how Portugese police handled the early days.

They have been much criticised, but Professor Barclay says it has been unfair and detectives are right to consider Maddy's parents, Kate and Gerry, as suspects.

The documentary makers say the aim of their programme is not to solve Madeline's disappearance, but to offer scientific analysis of the investigation itself.

Professor Barclay joined the team as one of Britain's best forensic scientists, with over 200 cases to his credit.

He says his experience suggests the little girl will not be found alive.

Joana Morais said...

Olá Paulo, espero que estejas bem. um abraço e parabéns pelos artigos.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo,

Are you well?
I have missed your articles lately on GII.

Livia x