Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A family in silence (and turmoil…)

Since a few weeks, McCann relatives changed their strategy. Kate’s mother even has made pubic that she thought strange her daughter left the children alone to go out for dinner, in a clear indication that the McCann clan is no more united around Gerry and Kate as before.
Questions have been asked and tension is growing, as Gerry and Kate are more and more aggressive, whenever there is any question they understood as an indication of mistrust about their version of events.
Clarence Mitchell pushed hard to organize a Christmas related event where a large number of close relatives and all of Tapas friends would make a wonderful opportunity for the Media to show a family in grief, victim of those drunken, uncivilized and sub-human Portuguese policemen.
A decision to change plans was taken and a warning made to all family members. But it was too late to avoid word spreading that Madeleine’s family would buy presents for her, in the hope she could be back before Christmas. It seems that somebody wiser than Clarence Mitchell had the capacity to understand that using Christmas to boost the image of relaxed, confident and good-looking parents, eight months after her daughter disappeared, was not a good PR manoeuvre.


Anonymous said...

They are holding with pins

It's natural ... time puts things in the right place...


Anonymous said...

Why aren't these parentws out of their heads with sorrow and grief...and don't tell me that people have different ways of dealing with tragedy...
I'm sure every other mother and father would just be out of their minds with worry and grief if their 4 year old child was missing or worse. Especially with the constant media coverage as another huge stress upon them. Its as if they are machines, no emotion at all, no breakdowns. I mean, for the mothers and fathers out there...think about how you would feel if your child went missing (because of your negligence) and dispite an international media campaign, she was absolutely nowhere to be found. Wouldn't you feel like the worst person on earth being that it was because of your own negligence?

By what I see in the media, their pictures, their words, I don't believe the McCann's have a missing child.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for Madeleine's maternal grandmother. My own mother was overcome with joy upon the arrival of her first grandchild. All grandchildren are special but the first one is like a first child. The grandmother seems to be a good hearted woman and must miss Maddie more than anyone. If she is reading this, you and Maddie and all who really loved that precious child are in my heart and prayers.

Anonymous said...


While I am disgusted by the portrayal of the Poruguese people and Police by the British press, I do not think it very fair of you to make references to this portrayal, in a context that might lead people to think the McCanns made such comments or hold such attitudes.

Blaming the McCanns for the behaviour of the British press is not fair or reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Most people have good heart and want to believe the best of everybody. For this reason, people gave the McCanns all support in the beginnig, because they had lost a child, even though there was no display of grief. This is also the reason why people now feel outrage - they felt betrayed when it was revealed all the details about them leaving their children alone four nights in a roll, and all other "small lies": walking distance to the Tapas bar, the wall and bushes obstructing their vision of their apartment, the objects found in their villa, and all the "big lies": the inconsistencies of their statements, their refuse to answer the questions asked by the police, and their manipulation of the Media. X-mas is time for forgiveness - maybe they are expecting to take, once again, advantage of people's good heart.