Thursday, 15 November 2007

Forensic Science Service tests point towards the McCanns

“British sources have indicated that the tests - and subsequent analysis carried out by the forensic scientists - continue to point towards the McCanns' involvement and that nothing has been discovered to suggest the involvement of any other person.”

Daily Mail, November 14, 2007


Anonymous said...

Paulo - you're doing a fab job but i think that this particular information is questionnable. We've heard before that the results pointed towards the mcCanns' involvement (whatever this actually means).

Yet, we also hear that the FSS has not yet delivered any conclusive results that allow charges to be brought against the Mccanns, and sometimes we read that all DNA samples have been ruined by cigarette ash. Frankly I think that you must have your sources, and it's natural that you trust them.

But until there are charges brought against the mccanns i think it's premature to print these statements from "unnammed sources".

only my opinion. Still you're doing a phenomenal job.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

Is this credible?