Saturday, 24 November 2007

Gerry surprised the twins went to bed at 7.30pm

I though it was normal for Madeleine and the twins go to bed before 7.30pm. Until I saw this reference, at Gerry's blog, on the end of May, when the couple managed to met with the Pope:

Day 26 - 29/05/2007 - Tuesday

“We have been preoccupied with preparation for our audience with the Pope tomoorow morning. This morning was spent acquiring some appropriate dress for the meeting since we had only holiday clothes with us in Portugal. Clarence has been inundated with calls regarding the visit to Rome and done most of the organisation behind the scenes."
"It has been very difficult to leave Sean and Amelie but it is only for one nght and we will be back to see them before bedtime tomorrow. Trish and Sandy (Madeleine’s Godparents) who have been with us in Portugal since Day 2 are looking after them and we were surprised to hear they were tucked up in bed by 7.30pm- they must like their new beds!”

“The flight to Rome passed extremely quickly and some footage was taken for TV. We did a couple of short interviews for the British and Portuguesae press about our feelings regarding the trip. Under normal circumstances we would be extremely excited about meeting the Pope, but as we are here as a result of Madeleine’s abduction the circumstances are very different. We expect to receive a great spiritual lift, especially if we get to speak to the Pontiff personally. After the audience we will be holding a short press conference in the British Embassy to the Vatican to talk about our campaign to publicise Madeleine’s disappearance and of course, our audience with the Pope.”

“Francis Campbell, the British ambassador to the Holy See, and his staff picked us at the airport and brought us directly to the Embassy residences near the city centre. We have been made to feel completely at ease and almost as if we are part of a small family here, which has helped ease our tangible nerves, not unsurprising given the importance of tomorrow’s meeting. We are now retiring and will be saying our usual prayers for Madeleine’s safe return”


Anonymous said...

As usual, they write with the right hand and delete with the left...
also, it's difficult to remember so many 'little lies'
some time or other they begin to contradict themselves ... that's why they are suspects !!!

Canada said...

With no "memory recall" to go by, it is understandable that they forget what story was said previously.

Anonymous said...

yeah abduction and disappearance
Got the message Gerry
now I know what you want me to believe
where are the proofs Gerry???

Anonymous said...

Paulo..have you any experinec with children?

When children are in a new bed or with babysitters, they are out of their routine and tend to be hard to get to bed...asking for their mom or dad.

Why are you treating your readers like idiots or are you just trying to appeal to the mob mentality and zenophobes you seem happy to attract and entertain?

Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous post:
Strange that doesn't happen with my kids. What you just said has no sense!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the same kid goes down for bed fine with babysitters and educators, but the opposite occurs with me.