Monday, 19 November 2007

Kate and Gerry McCann: Risk evaluation and evolution

Times Online:
“Everyone I know who had been to Portugal with their children said it was very family friendly, and it did feel like that,” says Kate. “If I’d had to think for one second about it, it wouldn’t have happened. I never even had to think like that, to make the decision. It felt so safe that I didn’t even have to – I mean, I don’t think we took a risk. If I put the children in the car the chances of having an accident would be greater than somebody coming in, breaking into your apartment and lifting a child out of her bed. But you never think, I shouldn’t put the children in the car.”

Sky News:
Ian Woods: Looking back, I mean, did you see anything suspicious in the days leading up to her abduction? Did you notice anything? Have you been racking your brains to try and think whether people might have been watching?

Kate McCann: We didn’t

Gerry McCann: If we did we wouldn’t tell you [laughs] because it may be important information but we didn’t. You know, it was such a relaxing holiday. In fact as a family unit, up until that night, I know for friends who were here and certainly for us, it was as good a holiday as we have had with the children – up until that point.

“Mr McCann said that, before Madeleine went missing, he and his wife had been concerned by the security at the back of their Praia da Luz apartment when "maybe the weak spots were at the front".

"It's a corner flat with trees overlooking it - somebody could be hiding there or watching out of view," he said. He added: "I've no doubt that Madeleine was targeted and that makes us sick to the core to think that someone was watching us and our daughter and then targeted her - I think the true word is a predator. But you just don't think there's any trouble and it's certainly the furthest thing from our mind."


guerra said...

What are the latest polls? Are the McCann party leading in the election?

Anonymous said...

Why did the McCanns regret they left their children because of a potential abductor? Why don't they regret leaving them alone at all? I mean, how dreadful must it not be to a child waking up with no parents (adults) around, not knowing where they are???

angela said...

I agree, those poor kids.