Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Kate's mother criticizes her daughter for leaving the children alone

"I have to say that I'm surprised that Kate and Gerry left their children at all. I have thought about it a lot because they are such caring parents and I think 'why?” - Susan Healy, the grandmother of Madeleine McCann told BBC Panorama. She also accused again Portuguese police of planting evidence to incriminate the McCann in the disappearance of her daughter.

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guerra said...

Wouldn’t it be easier to frame Murat as the McCann team are trying to do? The best word that describes what is spewing out of the McCann PR is one that they often use, “Ludicrous”. Paulo, what do the Portuguese police think of all these claims made by the group Metodo 3, has this group ever been in contact with the PJ as they claim? If I was the PJ and heard all these lies originating from the couple, it certainly wouldn’t make me favour the abduction theory. What all this rubbish tells me is that the McCann team know that all the evidence the PJ have points in their direction and that the McCann don’t give a damn what the PJ think. The McCann’s objective is to have this case tried by the public.