Friday, 23 November 2007

Madeleine's parents believe she is alive


angela said...

I think the Portugal police should declare it a cold case and get on with normal business. I mean, it must be costing the Portugueses tax payers alot of money... and now it seems the hired private investigators believe THEY will find her, so why not just let this circus lay on their lap. The Portuguese have been at this for 7 long are they expected to go on??? Years? This whole thing is ridiculous now. The McCann's created this circus (from the very beginning), it got totally out of hand, and now they should pay for their own mistakes, not the Portuguese.
Everyone will find out the truth eventually anyway...someone will crack.

Anonymous said...

I also think they should put it in the freezer and sit back and watch TV their 'ludicuous' declarations. They'll start making mistakes and some time later they'll be easy to pack.

The PJ should plan CAT and the mccanns MICE