Monday, 5 November 2007

Moroccan government denies Metodo 3

The Moroccan Interior minister, Mr. Chakib Benmoussa, said today that there is no evidence at all that gives credibility to the “findings” of Metodo 3 and reports of British Media, concerning the presence of Madeleine in that North-African country. Moroccan authorities “have been cooperating closely with Portuguese and British Police, in the investigation of Madeleine McCann and we have no indication, at all, about the presence of the child in Morocco”, Mr. Chakib Benmoussa told journalists, before the opening ceremony of the 76th General-Assembly of Interpol, in Marrakesh.

Francisco Marco, director of a Spanish private detective company hired by the McCann, said recently that Madeleine was alive in Morocco and Metodo 3 will rescue her, in the next five months. Several British journalists went to Morocco and allegedly found “hundreds” of witnesses that guarantee they saw Madeleine McCann in that country. Previous sightings in Morocco, by witnesses that were “100 % sure” they saw Madeleine, produced no evidence

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