Thursday, 15 November 2007

“Most Wanted” special about Madeleine McCann

America’s Most Wanted”, from Fox, will be broadcasted from London, next Saturday, November 17, and will be dedicated to Madeleine McCann disappearance. Journalist John Turchin, a Fox correspondent in Portugal, analysed the crime scene at Praia da Luz and talks about the several possible scenarios.”


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Legal threat in UK

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" ....Gerry McCann, June 3, 2007:
“We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that”

So? Poor Maddie!

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Only a month after Maddie is gone... . her daddy think a lot:

Gerry McCann, June 3, 2007:
“We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that”

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The forums are being censored in the U.K. Hopefully the truth will out sometime.

Guerra said...

The host of America’s most wanted John Walsh appeared on CNN on the Larry King show on September 7, other guests included: British reporters, American lawyer’s, a former FBI profiler and some of the McCann Clan. This was one of the most biased shows I’ve seen, splattered with racist comments. With the exception of the FBI profiler they all took turns mocking and attacking the PJ from every angle. At the same time the show had its humorous moments. Someone blurted out that the dogs weren’t properly trained, the face of the English reporter, who also had been bashing the PJ, suddenly turned serious and she said “No. No. These are good dogs they’re English”. Someone then said, that the Forensic tests were botched, the same reporter now appearing offended said that that couldn’t be because they were done in England. These comments and other comments of an inflammatory nature have been edited out of the transcript of the show. The following are a few excerpts from the transcript.

Mr Walsh is Pro McCann, in the show he made the following comment:

“This is a small police agency in Portugal that has never dealt with a case of a missing child, it has very limited resources, and is having all kinds of scrutiny from the media throughout the world. It's not unusual for them to focus back in on the family when they're frustrated and don't have any other suspects.”

Candice Delong, the former FBI profiler made these comments:

“Well, a lot of the information we're talking about tonight really has not been confirmed by the police. One of the things that I would like to say is regarding this lengthy interrogation that the parents are now suspects, the parents didn't just become suspects. They've probably been -- should have been at least considered as possible suspects from the very beginning. And Larry, the reason for that is, in the vast majority of cases of missing children of this age, not all, the vast majority, it turns out that they are missing and were murdered by a parent. Approximately 75 percent.”

“ Oftentimes what we see when very young children -- and we're just talking here, we're not talking necessarily about Madeleine -- when they are murdered by a parent, the motive more often than not is that it was an accident. Oftentimes we see children that are murdered by a parent were hit so hard that they died having to do with blunt force trauma to the head. And what you're looking at when you see a child killed that way is the results of a parent that lost control of their temper and hit a young child way too hard. And sometimes the parents that this happens to, they call the police, and sometimes they stage the crime scene and try and make it look different. And sometimes they try to get rid of the body.”

CNN hasn’t held a forum on this case since; I can only assume that there must have been many complaints.

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In all news programmes about MM, Walsh has been pro-Mc and anti-PJ. So too has activist, Mark Klass (daughter Polly was abducted, raped and murdered) and divisive crime tv host, Nancy Grace.

Grace's stance doesn't surprise me. But Walsh and Klass' both do. Especially since both men always come off as very sympathetic to the work police have to do in these kinds of cases and both men have been critical of how the Ramsey's conducted themselves when their daughter was found murdered.

It is interesting because the McCanns have, especially considering how they have (allegedly) refused to cooperate with police, emulated the Ramsey's witht respect to police questioning. So it does puzzle me as to why Walsh and Klass would be so critical of PJ and sympathetic to the McCanns.

US tv news and news programmes have always been on the sensational side (most of them anyway) and are akin to English gutter press. (King's show is definitely electronic gutter news.) Whereas, US print media and enews organisations are far more balanced and unbiased. (On that note, I should point out AMW is broadcast on Fox which is owned by Murdoch.)

Oy! :)

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Required: Calcium Hypochlorite 100g (bleaching powder), acetone 44ml

Sodium hypochlorite solution is sold as liquid pool chlorine.

Chloroform, if stored for more than a few months, decomposes to Phosgene, which was a WW1 era chemical weapon.

Acetone is readily available as nail varnish remover.


Ms Tanner said she saw a man carrying a girl and believes this man was the abductor of Madeleine McCann. Nobody holds a child like that for any length of time. The normal stance would be to keep the child’s body upright with the head resting upon the adult’s shoulder, which would be more comfortable for both.

If this man is the abductor, the only way to remove the child from her bed without waking the twins, would be to use chloroform laden handkerchief in order to keep her asleep. The man that Tanner spotted could be holding the handkerchief against the child’s face, along with a pink blanket or her own pyjama top to keep it in place.

Chloroform decomposes to Phosgene, which is toxic, and would be lethal to a young child.


A Lurking Stranger

“I saw stranger lurking near Madeleine flat” – An unnamed nanny tells police she saw a man “lurking” close to the McCanns’ holiday flat. Her initials are MH. In the summer of 2006, she was babysitting a six-year-old boy in the same apartment used by the McCanns in 2007. She “discovered the suspicious man lurking in bushes”. It was a Thursday. Madeleine disappeared on a Thursday. The Daily Express says there are “marked similarities to the Madeleine case”


Robert Murat is a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case. His girlfriend is divorcee Michaela Walczuch. Murat was dating Walczuch while she was still living in her marital home with Portuguese husband Luis Antonio.

All these people have direct links to the Ocean Club territory. Luis Antonio was the pool cleaner and had access to pool cleaning chemicals. According to Portuguese Police, all their alibis have been checked. Miss Walczuch told police she was at a Jehovah's Witness meeting in nearby Lagos on 3rd May. But Tiofilo Castelo, a member of the Algarve Regional Association of the Jehovah’s Witnesses said she had been “thrown out” of the church over 12 months ago.