Thursday, 15 November 2007

New “intimate” footage show McCanns after Madeleine disappeared

CBS will air exclusive footage tracking the McCann family following Maddie's disappearance from their rented apartment. The video was shot by a family friend, according to CBS website. It will be broadcasted this Saturday, in a special report that includes also an interview with Gerry McCann.
The father or Madeleine told CBS that he and his wife “will always live with the fact that Kate and I were not in the apartment when it happened.” A source from Polícia Judiciária told that they have no information about the existence of a video shot after Madeleine disappeared


Anonymous said...

Not a good idea for the McCann's. I live in the U.S. and the McC's are already considered to be tabloid trash types who hit the jackpot and gained celebrity status by losing one of their kids. What's it going to take for the McC's to understand that they are responsible for losing their daughter and people aren't interested in their feelings, only Madeleine's. Maybe the Portuguese film company should make a film from Madeleine's perspective? Now that is what people want.

Anonymous said...

It's "ludicrous" that if such video exists it has not been given for investigation purposes. More and more these people are revealing what they are really after: media visibility and money.
It's very sad, though, how after these last months we've assisted at such disengagement from the real problem - the disappearance of a little girl - and more to the fate of this dispicable parents.
I sincerely hope, that in the end they will at least be taken to respond for negligent parenting.


Brianna said...

Gerry should shut up.He has done enough damage:(

angela said...

Why are the media even allowing the McCanns to influence the investigation and public opinion? Should not a news program promote "the news", and not blatant propaganda fed by the prime suspects? The McCanns are just making me more and more sick to my stomach everytime they speak.

Anonymous said...

The more they say the worse it gets. They should get themselves over to Portugal and answer any questions that might help to find their daughter and stop thinking about themselves.

They have to realise that they are responsible for leaving not just 1 child but 3 children under 4 all alone in an UNLOCKED apartment, if they think that was what everyone else does, they are very much mistaken. Their arrogant attitude to that issue makes responsible parents sick. UNLOCKED for goodness sake, what idiot thinks that's a good idea?

Poor Madeleine, let down by the very people that should have been looking after her, not putting a night out before the safety of their 3 children.

And they wonder why people are angry?!

Anonymous said...

Gerry says this:

"The father or Madeleine told CBS that he and his wife “will always live with the fact that Kate and I were not in the apartment when it happened.”

What he should be saying is that 'they will always live with the fact that if they had been looking after their children properly, Madeleine would still be with them today.'

Anonymous said...

Americans are often teased as being stupid. When patriotism and fear of an illusive enemy is used by politicians to rally the masses to anger- sadly it does work.

However, with stories like the McCanns - Americans are extremely suspicious. I don't know anyone, RC or aetheist who doesn't think something is more than weird about their version of the events of May 3rd.

Also, Americans are naturally suspicious of governments and the media. I doubt many will be peruaded by the 48 Hours news programme.

Although this story is about an innocent child, an equally important story imo and with respect to Madeleine, is the way British government and media have conducted themselves with regards to this criminal investigation. I really wish that a US news agency would make this subject the focus of a programme.

Anonymous said...

2 questions - 1 answer:
Q1 What sort of friend films you days after your daugther disappeared? It's either very calculating or very intrusive. If he was asked to make the film by the McCanns...
Q2 What sort of sick couple asks to be filmed just days after their daughter being allegedly abducted?

Both questions have 1 answer: THE MCCANNS.