Wednesday, 28 November 2007

PJ and forensic experts leave tomorrow to UK

A team of PJ investigators and forensic experts from the National Forensic Laboratory will leave tomorrow, November 28, to UK. The team will stay three days in UK and will held meetings with British police forces and technicians from Forensic Science Services.


Canada said...

Are we sure? I mean really really really sure? I am tempted to jump up for joy but we have been mislead before. I hope that something significant comes out of this visit, otherwise I think I'm going to have to go to counselling to get over my obsession with this case. Day after day, I read nothing but re-hashed news as nothing significant has happened. I guess I would have to congratulate Robelo for finally putting a tight lid on information leaking even though it drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Well, it was about time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo

I could never find the "Publico" article. I have been reading the most amazing insults to our Police and our People.
What is at stake here? Who is being so highly protected in this nightmare?
Could this be linked with some non-Portuguese "habitués" of Casa Pia?
I know imagination just runs wild and one feels almost like and idiot...but one is treated like an idiot.
I thought my delusion regarding democracy and Europeanism were at the lowest possible...but that was before this case.
Some start feeling ashamed of being British. I am starting to feel ashamed of being Portuguese as nothing is done to protect our dignity and honour.
I feel betrayed.
Please, continue your admirable work.

Livia x

Anonymous said...


I have also wondered if the Portuguese authorities permitting the McCanns to leave Portugal and Birmingham FSS to conduct the DNA tests were allowed because of a black mailing connected to high level officials involved in Casa Pia and British government perhaps having some dirt on Portuguese officials so that nasty extortion deals were being conducted from both sides of the Atlantic?

Although the news today is hopeful - I am not hopeful. Maybe I will be proved wrong. But Portugal's willingness to accomodate the British government is with respect to all Portuguese citizens - pathetic. I hope the Portuguese government will get out of PJ's way and that it is not too late for PJ to solve this terrible crime.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 23:37

This scenario you have described does not leave my mind.

I feel so ashamed about this Casa Pia case and how it has been handled and silenced!

For sure PJ does know the names of the ones who have never been named in the Casa Pia case and are highly protected. But even so. I do not believe the PJ will have the power to challenge higher orders...

One day we woke up in the middle of this nightmare called Casa Pia and I just could not trust anyone.

As yourself, I am not hopeful.
I am just waiting for the day when PJ will be forced to close the McC case and we will have to live with the incertitude of not knowing. One more time.
Not knowing what has happened to the innocent little one.

Paulo, we cannot let this happen.

Livia x

Denmark said...

I saw a good video here,

Mostly important is ask, why did McCanns leave there 3 children alone systematically in a foreing country behind unlocked doors, when they where offered a babysitter arrangement. McCanns say they dont want strangers to look for their children, when these strangers have been looking for their child for at least 7 hours in every day of their holiday previously.

Paulette said...

If it is true it is not a big deal because they are not there to re-interview the McCanns or presumably the Tapas 7. The Portuguese officials are going to England to speak with FSS.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, the truth will out.

If Maddie was murdered, her murderer will kill again. Do the police want to risk a full confession and possible lawsuit for failing to stop a murderer? I don't think so.

If the parents are involved, the truth will out much sooner, one of them will end up in an "accident" or "suicide." Such is the way of the world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

I do not understand why these scumbags, who left their children unantended for long periods of times while on holiday, are given so much protection from British and Portuguese government????

Can someone dig this deep down so that the whole world can know the truth.

Whether they killed her or not, when are we going to have justice for these children ??