Sunday, 11 November 2007

PJ “lacking money” for Madeleine's investigation is McCann's lawyers “empty talk”

The president of Public Prosecutor's Magistrates Union, António Cluny, dismissed the idea that Portuguese police has no more money to keep Madeleine's investigation going on as “empty talk” coming from the McCann lawyers. British Media quoted a member of McCann legal defence team as accusing Portuguese police of scaling down the search for Madeleine because they run out of cash: “If it was not for the McCanns’ action, no one would be searching for their daughter. They are doing what no one else will and on top of it all they are under suspicion. It is absurd.”

This is the second time the argument of lack of money is used, by the McCann Team, to accuse Policia Judiciária of mishandling the investigation. The first time, it was used by Kate McCann, in September, on a interview with the News of The World, the day they were named as formal suspects. However, News of The World has changed the text, on it's website, in order to delete the most damaging remarks made by Kate McCann.

But other newspapers have also published the same statements. The Daily Telegraph refers that Kate said, on September 10, that "the Portuguese police are running out of budget for this investigation and want it to end.” The Age also quotes an interview with Sunday Mirror where Kate makes the same accusations. Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Kate said that Portuguese police was framing her: “Breaking down in tears, distraught Kate said of the Portuguese police: 'They want me to lie - I'm being framed.”

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