Saturday, 3 November 2007

Portuguese Embassy complained to PCC

The Portuguese Embassy in London sent a protest to the Press Complaints Commission, following an offensive opinion column from Tony Parsons in the Mirror, according to Sol, a Portuguese weekly. Quoting “diplomatic sources”, the newspaper refers that the Embassy sent a “formal diplomatic note” complaining of what it considers an “abuse of Press Freedom”. Tony Parsons called the Ambassador remarks on a interview with The Times, “stupid” and advised him to “keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut.” The column tittle was “Oh, up yours, senor.”


Africanmum said...

I've posted a link to my petition on the Downing St website to the Mirror forum pages. Hopefully, many Brits can show the Prime Minister how truly ashamed we are of this episode. This McCann business has destroyed the reputation of Britain and our family values. British parents aren't like the McCanns (we don't neglect our children - in fact, it's a crime to do so here). And we despise the media especially the tabloids. My husband & I have banned them in the house, no way would our children be raised to read such gutter press.

myself said...

Well done!

I hope that Tony Parsons gives a public apology to our Ambassador and Portugal.

His comments shouldn’t even be allowed to be published.

As we say in Portugal: He (Tony Parsons) has lack of tea.