Monday, 19 November 2007

Portuguese police accuses Public Prosecutor's Office of framing the McCann

A non-identified source from Polícia Judiciária, quoted by Victoria Ward, from Daily Mirror, said that the possibility of Madeleine being kidnapped was “always one of the main lines of inquiry.” The same source told Daily Mirror: “We (PJ) don't know why that line of inquiry was dismissed without any evidence against the McCann couple.” In Portugal, only the Public Prosecutor's Office has powers to investigate a crime. Polícia Judiciária is the Police force in charge of investigating crime cases, but all the investigations are directed by a magistrate from the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The decision to name the McCann as “arguidos” - formal suspects - was taken by the Public Prosecutor's Office magistrate, Mr. Magalhães e Menezes, following a suggestion from Polícia Judiciária and based on evidence collected by that police force. The McCann were named formal suspects on September 7 and went back to UK the next day.


Anonymous said...

What the Mirror Article seems to suggest - rather surprisingly is that a "deal" was offered to Kate by none other than "her lawyer".

If I remember well, her Portuguese lawyer was a very important man in the portuguese legal system, and he came out to explain that this was a misunderstanding that occured during the interview at the PJ in PORTIMAO.

The article seems to suggest that the "deal" offer was done by telephone by her lawyer... Can her lawyer clarify this?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why the forensic tests were done in Britain and not Portugal?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Does anyone know why the forensic tests were done in Britain and not Portugal?"

Because Britain is the senior partner of the two countries and results from the nation which pioneered DNA fingerprinting are more credible.

Anonymous said...

why do they look so happy in that photo - whats so funny?