Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Portuguese Police isn’t allowed to drop Madelein’s case

The Sunday Mirror, quoting Portuguese Police sources, wrote yesterday, November 4, that “Portuguese detectives investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance plan to close the case by Christmas.” But Police has no legal power to take that kind decision, in the Portuguese judicial system. All crime investigations are directed by the the Public Prosecutor's Office, the only institution with authority to open and close a crime investigation.

The story, from the journalists Susie Boniface and Grant Hodgson, quoted “a source inside Portuguese police” as having told Sunday Mirror that police in Portugal now believes that Madeleine McCann will never be found and Portuguese cops “are satisfied for the shadow of suspicion to hang over the McCanns.”

“Quoting a source from PJ as saying the case will be closed is the best evidence that the story is a fabrication”, a Public Prosecutor's magistrate told Gazeta Digital. An official source from PJ told SOS Madeleine that it “will be ridicule, as we, Police, have no power to do that. I can guarantee that no Inspector from PJ that could ever make this kind of statement.”

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Guerra said...

This is just another attempt to cast aspersions on the PJ. The British Press has launched a concerted effort to discredit the PJ, the Portuguese Press and Portugal. Upon reading British papers one gets the impression that the PJ are a bunch of lazy bumbling idiots who never investigated the abduction theory, when in fact they have almost exhausted that avenue of investigation. The image is also put forward that there is a vicious slur campaign occurring in the Portuguese papers against the McCann. Is reporting that there were bodily fluids found in the McCann’s car with a good DNA match to the child a slur, or without any substantiation labelling a lead investigator an incompetent lazy drunk and a whole nation a paedophile paradise?

I watched a reporter a few months ago say to Gerry McCann, “ You realize that in cases like these the parents are usually regarded as suspects.” He calmly said that he fully expected that he and his wife would be investigated by the Portuguese police and if they didn’t they wouldn’t be doing a thorough job. He then added that he and his wife were prepared to answer all questions posed to them in order to move the investigation forward. Well we all know what happened, and now Clarence Mitchell has the nerve to say that the McCann have nothing to hide.

It’s obvious that the McCann regard the police as an opponent and not a means of finding their child. Let me see, Slander your opponent, Cast aspersions on his character, Misinform the public to distract them from your weaknesses, yeah sounds like a political campaign to me.

Here in Canada if a government minister stepped down to represent a couple that is under police investigation and the prime minister spoke of the affair internationally you can be sure that there would be much to be said in the Canadian press, but this appears not to be an issue in Britain. It is this government meddling, which I think is the greatest obstacle to finding out the truth.