Saturday, 24 November 2007

Why British Press doesn't show the twins faces, now?

For months, the British newspapers published pictures of McCann family and showed the twins faces. Now, since they are back in England, you can't see the twins faces. Why?


Anonymous said...

They want to impose the face of Madeleine in the market
she is already a trade mark and the face of Code Madeleine, Have you noticed it's the same face on the posters?
Showing the face of the twins would be an interference to establishing Madeleine as a brand.
Same with the name. Remember they askded peole to call her Madeleine NOT Maddie? Why? Same reason...Marketing reasons...

Anonymous said...

The twins faces are obscured to protect them.This is normal in the UK.

Paulette said...

Anon 24.11 14:53

If it is "normal" in the UK as you say then why did it take the British press 7 months to implement this normality?

And on a connected note: The American programme, '48 Hours' "Where's Maddie" which aired last week DID show a clip of the twins. I would think that all press (American and non) would respect the privacy of the twins and especially since Kate and Gerry McCann and their PR machine claim that they are certain a paedo stalked and kidnapped Madeleine because she was his/her type? Or better yet their good friend, Jon Corner, would have edited any images of the twins out of the footage before handing it over to Panorama/CBS?

Your comment is very odd though because if you go back through May and into the summer the McCanns were more than happy to use the twins in as many photo ops and PR campaigns as possible.

If they really do believe Madeleine was picked and snatched "to order" it is more than logical to ask:

Why would they make the choice to exploit their remaining children in such a way?

And why if the British press is so sensitive to the welfare of innocent children does it publish the names and photos and residences (and even auto tag in one instance) of all the Madeleine look alikes? Isn't this placing those children in harms way too?

You're either stupid or naive. And if I may be polite and choose the latter it is of no great benefit to you is it? For we all know what happens to naive people in this world don't we?

Your comment does smack of a certain je ne sais quoi. You don't happen to be Clarence Mitchell?

Oh and anon-Clarence, you might want to tell Gerry and Kate to remove the photos of the twins from the 'Find Madeleine' website.