Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Witness saw Murat’s girlfriend, in Morocco, close to Madeleine

Investigators from Metodo 3 are probing what British Media calls a “sensational claim” from a witness that recognized Michaela Walczuch in the city of Zaio, in the North of Morocco. The witness, Isabel Gonzalez, reported to Spanish police an alleged sighting of Madeleine McCann on June 15. Now, after detectives from Metodo 3 showed her several pictures, she said that the blonde woman she saw, near the same place where Madeleine was, is Robert Murat’s girlfriend.

Metodo 3, a Spanish private detectives company, was hired by the McCann to found evidence that Madeleine was kidnapped. The director of Metodo 3, Francisco Marco, told BBC that he knows who kidnapped Madeleine and also where she is, now. Francisco Marco also told British Media he is “100 % sure” Madeleine is alive.

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Tom said...

Sounds a little bit like the behaviour of Mr.Toscano, BUT if he really knows where she is, why not free her??? I dont understand this anymore.