Monday, 3 December 2007

Fund almost gone

More than 700,000 pounds have been already spent, from the 1,1 million pounds donated to the Fund to help find Madeleine. John McCann, brother of Gerry McCann, accused the Media for the sharp reduction of donations: "The funds aren't anywhere near the level they were a few months ago thanks to a lot of the crap that's been written over here." John McCann didn’t elaborate about the level of the other fund, created for facing legal expenses and paying lawyers.


Paulette said...

If anyone from camp McCann is really complaining about the fund amount I find that so vulgar I don't even know where to begin.

Why do these people need money from strangers to find Madeleine? With all the financial support from wealthy backers; their high level media connections; British government's claims that they have information on this case via special services; attentive diplomatic staff; Interpol and with Scotland Yard and others working for free - looking for Madeleine - why in heaven's name do they need more money?

PJ needs to investigate the finances of the McCanns. I have never seen such greed before in a missing child's case. For people who are alleged to be well paid medical professionals - they needed financial assistance rather quickly to pay their mortgage.

I wonder what real middle class parents of missing children do to pay their bills? As I see no one offering these families financial assistance or much of anything else for that matter.

I hope if PJ has not yet requested the McCann's financial details that they do so very soon. Quickly before any records suddenly disappear or numbers are cruched and fudged.

Anonymous said...

Caro Paulo,

Rumores no forum do DE apontam para ume "invasão" do seu blog???
Mas está tudo bem?
Não vejo qualquer diferença mas não sou especialista.
Suponho que os rumores são reacções que apontam para ondas de pânico que se aproximam....
Boa noite

Livia xxx
(normalmente escrevo m inglês- mau inglês)

Anonymous said...

Whatza matta Johnny? That's enough loot to pay off the world's greatest detectives for another 6 or 8 months.

Anonymous said...

Também creio que alguma coisa mais se passa consigo,PR, e já há muito com o seu blog.Interferências provavelmente longíquas. O PR disse-me que seria um problema da minha ligação à internet! Não é assim tão simples e acho que o Paulo sabe disso.