Monday, 24 December 2007

Good journalism coming from the Net

As many of you noticed, activity in this pages has been reduced. Following a story like Madeleine's disappearance was an almost full-time job for me, during last summer and until October. But life goes on and there are bills to be paid, at the end of the month. So, I have to spend more time in other stories and works, in order to make ends meet. I'll be back, with news about Madeleine, when and if there are big news – something I believe will happens near the end of January. For the next days, I'll recommend you reading these two posts, from “Spudgun” and “Blackwatch”, two regular contributors of Mirror forums, with whom many of the so-called “journalists” from mainstream Media have a lot to learn. Thank you very much, both of you, for your effort in looking for the truth.

By “Blackwatch”
A number of weeks ago BBC News 24 announced that the 'Head of Media Monitoring and Analysis' was to review that day's papers. Her name was Julia Hobsbawm. Now we know that the 'Head of Media Monitoring and Analysis' at that time was Clarence Mitchell - but the BBC misled the British Public by suggesting a government official was to review that day's papers. Naturally Julia Hobsbawm embarked on a not so loquacious rant saying that the very idea of the McCanns being involved in Madeleine’s disappearance was plainly ridiculous. "It is time this country asked questions of the Portuguese police and Portugal itself, else we won’t go on there on holiday any more", she said. But Julia Hobsbawm is not a government official. Julia Hobsbawm is an independent PR consultant with deep New Labour Links. She was also a partner in Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications with Sarah Macaulay, now known as Sarah Brown, the wife of British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown (continue)

By “Spudgun”
The summer of 1990 was a particularly hot one, even by Algarve standards. I had sold a lot of the household possessions emanating from a broken relationship, in order to finance the kindling for a NEW one, by accompanying a young lady to Albufeira for a weeks sojourn. Cold ‘Sagres‘, Frango and huge surfer waves rolling in on ‘Fisherman’s Beach’ are just a few of the most enduring memories I have of that holiday. Alas, on a personal level, true love spectacularly failed to blossom on that occasion. However, what DID bloom was a deep and rewarding love affair with the country of Portugal and its people, some of whom I deem very close and consider as my family, that not only lasts to this day but is an important part of my life. Of course, I am not unique in falling for its charms; several million of my fellow countrymen visit Portugal every year, especially the Algarve. Since that hot summer I have returned to Portugal many times and visited many places there, and have always been struck by the genuine warmth, integrity, courtesy and generosity of the Portuguese, qualities that I consider to be generic to the race as a whole. (continue)


Outono said...

Hello,Silent Man. But with a very nice good sense.Thank you by your advices (and....when and if there are big news – something I believe will happens near the end of January).
With Maddie,always (alive or dead)

Outono said...

Hello,very much Silent Man.
Now the couple want a english guilty,if possible, translator and a britih "paidos filo",also. (grego-sem caracteres gregos).
First,the portuguese are "imbecils";
Now,they wish everything at "home", political correct????

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo REIS,
Very interesting!
I knew Spudgun's story but not Blackwatch's.So informative!
I have a sticky on, "Maddy's strange growth...and copyrights 2006!" where your blog is linked ,courtesy of two friends.
I exposed in a sum-up how different the girl could look,and what miraculous growth she "could" have gone through just in 4 months,appearing normal size for her age at Xmas06 but looking 3 years older in April/May07 for example.
Friends have exposed other oddities,in photos tampered with by photoshopping before they were on the net.
Nice to see you are carrying on despite being so busy.
All the best!