Saturday, 29 December 2007

Misterious reports

According to the British Media, sisters Jayne Jensen and Annie Wiltshire, who were in the Portugese resort when Maddie vanished in May, have given an "extensive interview" to cops detailing their suspicions about suspect Robert Murat. The sisters, who live together in Aylesford, Maidstone, Kent, had been named in Portugese newspapers for the first time as having assisted police with their enquiries in the hunt for Maddie's abductor. This is curious. I checked all Portuguese newspapers and couldn't find any report about these two sisters.


Outono said...

It is now (?) very convenient a english suspect and a english pedofilo....

So,the couple will be out?

Anonymous said...

The balcony above the apartment corridor can only be seen from either the road to the supermarket, or inside the Warner walled complex by looking upwards from the left. If so what is suspicious of two men smoking above the apartment and how can they be there as there are servicemen working there only in unoccupied units. It is where the old ladies commented on the children crying, is it not?

The man or men could not be seen to be of the description of Murat or anyone else from that view unless you had been up there or had conversation prior with this group of men, so how could such certainty which would not hold up in a police line up be stated? I found the workmen from a distance who maintained the units all bore striking similarities to each other from a distance of 50 feet or more, and this is more than that distance.

Also, Robert Murat is a motorcycle crash victim and if people go and do their homework in Norwich they will find many who back up his character and that injury which would and is not consistent with the portrayal of a man carrying a comotose child of unspecified sex, age, or identity that no one else saw. I said she had been taken up the stairs and now here is the plan to cement it as it always does.

The babyminder, who was she minding as no children were looked after in her care at that unit. So why I have to insist was she there at that exact time? So many connections it is like a tale of Murder she Wrote in invited guests and who is the real villain. I ask is this all one elaborate hoax that went tragically wrong?

Anonymous said...

No notices on portugueses press

Anonymous said...

that above comment really enlightened me and thank you so much for sharing it....but what do you mean by a "hoax" that went tragically wrong? That part I was a bit unclear about?? Thank you in advance for your reply. Michelle

Anonymous said...

she is still alive...?

Anonymous said...

Could be. It has been factual that if someone took Madeleine the only sure way was UP to the second floor and up the stairs. This would and could not be a man who would take a child of over three leaving two very valuable differing sex under three children in the same unsupervised and open apartment.

The reason I say hoax is what if a child of ten or more had led her up to the stairs when she was crying and then had this joke, what if an adult did this? That would be a hoax would it not, as an event that led to a child not incarcerated behind bars being able to go unaided and not carried to another floor where she was very sure of from the earlier stay and occupants rooms.

What if this child who could and can walk, and did escape as we know simply got fed up being in a strange room in a strange place and went to find children, and found them, or they found her. Is that not a greater possibility than the paedophile ring and selling to paedophiles?

If a paedophile ring had taken her the largest money for her photos, morphed or not would have been intercepted by now, as would the 1.5 million reward from a tabloid be grabbed by the accomplices. Nor would a childless couple turn down the offer of an instant family of twins and a sibling, the price would be greater for the unit, yet only one child disappeared, the eldest and under four years old who could shout, cry, talk and walk and had her freedom.

The hoax theory fits as the scenario changes to fit an iconic status and is not consistent with why no one saw the so called man carrying a said child, and the only one that did in contrast to others not so disadvantaged had a young vomiting baby to care for. Yet that is the ONLY person who had such a vivid recall and repeated it in differing locations of the so called perpetrator. Without this there is no perpetrator, and no actual factual evidence from anyone else to support this even at this key time where the pedestrians flock like lemmings to the bars with and without children.##

Therefore, if Robert Murat is to fit the frame then the person carrying is not he, neither is the two 'suspicious men' standing atop the balcony smoking. I have not seen Murat smoke, does someone know he does for real?

I would take one urgent point. The only way Madeleine, the child who could talk, walk and run could escape was up to the second floor and higher in this vast concourse as the gate jars when you open it due to the latch. Who owned the rusty white Mercedes seen parked there by 5A and why was it 5B and now the corner plot as reported in the press?

Madeleine had to be prior to this missing stage, unfound, up on the second level prior to this in the days before visiting other persons either in the unit of camp stayers, or children. It seems the only way she could be missing in this short time was to be in someones apartment, not her own.,, That is the crux of it. So who's apartment was she so familiar with and why was this not checked?

We have to look for where a live child could be taken so easily at that very stage of time on that evening, not after and the situation that led to it being an international hunt. Plus, like it or not, there is the choice that missing children are hidden when deceased, a fact that is obvious as in the Lindburgh case, yet no ransom, no stoolpidgeon, only guesses at every child, hundreds of thousands of them that have long blonde hair.

The answer is whoever knows where Madeleine McCann is has to be so evil they are normal, they can act out a character that is with forensic knowledge, and that to me is beyond the wildest capabilities with this dragnet over their or this persons head. It has to be someone so completely insane, they are classed as sane. That in reply is why I say was this some simple trip that went haywire, where a child got hurt, same as Holly and Jessica in the out of control scenario.

Please whoever you are have the courage to just call 999. It is that simple. Only the police have the negotiating and tracking skills to find this child and the authority. If you do not accept the clandestine grave scenario instead of children going exposed into public places then justice will never be done. Someone reads Paulo Reis and is culpable, that could be a her, him or they that is culpable in the demise of whatever sort of the missing child chosen instead of the two other unattended under five year old children, and others left unattended in this holiday camp resort. Paulo speaks the language so a call to him would be very useful for those I know are looking in Portugal at possible hiding places. It is that simple. She could be under the very nose of those who do not wish to look for a child that has been disposed of, we owe her that to find her, even if it is closure. Find her, and do it now.

Anonymous said...

My prayers tonight and with the Holy Spirit as footnote to above are tears of wanting and praying for one live child to come back - Madeleine,

If not and this cannot be, then Lord please open your heart and show the police where she is, or help those too weak and selfish to do the right thing in the eve of 2008. I will give you my Soul Lord as you know I do as the highest price to offer in return. The wheel has no monetary value, it is without wealth. The Lord knows and listens to the righteous and not the fake practioners of HIS word.

In God we trust. AMEN