Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Murat recommended as translator by British diplomatic staff

Staff from Bill Henderson's office suggested the name of Robert Murat as a reliable translator who could be used in the police inquiry, the days following Madeleine McCann disappearance. Murat was already known among diplomatic staff, as he had recommendation letters from Norfolk Police, where he worked for Bernard Matthews, one of the largest poultry farm companies in UK, which employs hundreds of Portuguese workers. The fact that Robert Murat has acted, before, as translator for Norfolk Police, and the recommendation issued by Bill Henderson's office, at the time the British consul in Algarve, took police to accept the suggestion, according to PJ sources. After Murat was named a formal suspect, Police went through all translations he has done, checking its accuracy, but no problem was found, according to the same sources. Bill Henderson retired from his diplomatic post and went back to UK in August.


Eloisa said...

Hello Paulo,
Good research shot!
Spanish translation placed in Esplendor de la forma.
Keep up the good job...
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Nice!(excuse me,my dear Maddie where you are....) because the english court or police british they said if they working this case it was already finished.
So ,they work since the beginning!All the time.

Poor Princess.

And you all excuse my bad english,please.

Eloisa said...

Dear Paulo, NOTW was down because of changes …

now it’s back … new sponsor is “Child Safe” … and IF ” Code Madeleine” … had been in place at the moment … abduction wouldn’t have happened !!!

Best regards,

josiepublic said...

20.12.07, 5:32pm
I believe we will get some news soon that will completely blow the dna evidence apart.
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20.12.07, 5:50pm
Read it tomorrow in the DE
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21.12.07, 7:36pm
What took you so long.
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Joana Morais said...

Boas Festas Paulo.
um abraço

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