Thursday, 27 December 2007

A strange picture of Madeleine, from Paul Grover (*)

Is this the same Paul Grover from REX FEATURES, "Britain's leading independent photographic press agency and picture library, supplying a daily service of news, celebrity, features, and stock photos to all national newspapers, magazines, TV, web and other media in the UK and in more than 30 countries worldwide"? Or is it just a coincidence? The picture was posted at one of the several sites organized and promoted by a McCann special support group, a secret organization which has members in more than 25 countries. The site was set up on May 9th, just six days after Madeleine McCann disappeared.


Outono said...

Post a picture like that,style lolita from a baby girl,BABY,out of context,seems very bad how the couple less publish or take the photo like this.
My God,why? Whom??
Even mummy and daddy?What they wish?
All of us ,we must take care about "friends" and ours sons and daughters. I do not read yet all the article because i stay very schoking about the possible meaning from these BABY.

Outono said...

Oh,yes. This picture is to pedofilos.
Of course they liked a lot and,so the family and the support group
( well they are so all ways)put the picture to "call" all pedofilos....
Probably she is dead....

Great social up (ascensão).
The picture at home with family only, I understand.But like this.Very bad and very,very,very strange.

Outono said...


" view picture Photo 69".......!!!


Outono said...

I send to the site a e-mail of complaint (espero que seja lamentar)and ask also to him or they to publish my comment.

One day I will have near my door a lot of men.


Diego A.A. said...

Outono, creo que simplemente, Gerry & Kate han vendido los derechos sobre algunas fotos, y han concedido algunos posados.


Outono said...

diego a.a. Olá.
necessário a TRADUÇÃO INGLÊS/Castellano para entenderes tudo.Es necessario.

La foto 69, para mim, é para despertar pedofilos. TRADUZ TODO O ARTIGO que o Paulo Reis colocou neste blog.

Anonymous said...

on the rex features websit I found a picture of madeleine which must be faked...