Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Sun produces another fake report

The Sun, December 5, 2007: “Hunt for copy-cat snatcher”

Diário de Notícias, May 25, 2007 : “Moroccan man threats” (Secondary headline from a main story about the McCann first TV interview)

The Sun, December 5, 2007: “THE parents of a Madeleine McCann lookalike who was the victim of a kidnap bid are to be quizzed by private detectives”

Diário de Notícias, May 25, 2007: “A 30 years old man, from Morocco, threatened to kidnap the three year old daughter of a woman who rents a coffee-shop at Fonte de Luzeiros, between Silves and São Bartolomeu de Messines.”

The Sun, December 5, 2007: “Blue-eyed blonde Carolina Santos, three, was snatched by a Moroccan-looking man four months before Maddie vanished (...) Carolina 's parents Abel and Lina (...) were working in their cafe at Fonte Louzeiros when Carolina vanished last Christmas Day. They spotted her with the stranger 300 yards away. When they caught up he fled. Lina said: "If we hadn't come out at that moment I don't know what would have happened."
Diário de Notícias, May 25, 2007 : “The mother told DN that the kidnap threat was made, last Tuesday, by the man “who nobody knows what he does, for a living”, after provoking disturbs at the coffee-shop Falcão, where he was, clearly drunk. 'I will kidnap your daughter', the man told to Lina Carreira who, at the time, was holding his daughter close to her.”

The Sun, December 5, 2007: “Carolina 's parents Abel and Lina offered to help cops two weeks after Maddie, four, disappeared but were never questioned.”

Diário de Notícias, May 25, 2007 : “Lina Carreira filed a complaint with GNR from Silves, the next day, and was contacted yesterday by investigators from Polícia Judiciária, to whom she told what happened.”

The Sun, December 5, 2007: “It is feared Maddie may have been snatched to order and taken to Morocco. Metodo 3 said: 'This could be relevant."

Diário de Notícias, May 25, 2007 : “Talking with local residents, DN found that the man in question is a street seller and a well known trouble maker.”

Now, a simple question to NEIL SYSON and VERONICA LORRAINE, from The Sun: How much are you being paid to do this?


Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo,

We reach a point where finding words is difficult. What else next? Maybe Metodo 3 should need my tip: the village of Bordeira, Sta Barbara de Nexe, Faro, has a big moroccan community. M3 would have "l'embarras du choix". Help themselves in ridicule.
I though this sort of story was good for the 60's in photonovels such as Corin Tellado! Maybe some motherly influence!
Seriously, how can so called "journalists" fall so low as to write such a piece of shit?
Continue your work with Duarte, Never let it go.
We Portuguese, are proud of you. You are the knights of modern times.
Livia xxx

guerra said...

With Morocco continuously being mentioned I’m starting to believe that the McCann team knows for sure that the child is there, i.e. the child’s body. The stories that are surfacing are starting to paint a picture; A blood stained towel in an abandoned barn north of Praia da Luz; A call between Gerry and Russell O’Brien on June 10; Gerry opting to drive to Lisbon to fly to Morocco in a small plane, instead of going to Faro. If things get tough for the McCann, I could see Metodo3 conveniently discovering the girl’s body. Metodo3 would then claim that because of the numerous sightings in Morocco, the girl must have been alive in Morocco and then killed by her abductor.

These constant attempts of putting Murat in the picture could be a deliberate threat by the McCann so that Murat will keep his mouth shut, in case his “arguido” status is lifted. Murat may know what took place and may have even been involved in some manner.

Just theorizing.

angela said...

I just read the Sun article.....

HAHAHA Pul-eeeeze! Is the Sun a real newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Both the Sun and the Mirror are unreliable for news IMHO. I would never waste my money on any of them. From when I worked in a newsagents, most people who bought that paper did so for the sport, or were of lower working or unemployed class. Not being snobby here, but it is not my type of read at all.

Anonymous said...

Child Focus, or the European Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, was founded in 1998 by Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer and headed by this person ever since. In 2005, de Lichtbuer became chairman of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), headquartered in Washington and founded in 1999.

Anonymous said...

“Don’t You Forget About Me”: A Channel for Missing Children
The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC), in collaboration with the Find Madeleine Campaign and YouTube, has launched the first global channel dedicated to finding missing children worldwide. The Internet channel,, features videos of missing children to be viewed by the global public.

Anonymous said...

A number of Dutch and French language books have appeared on the Dutroux affair since 1996, with one standing out above the rest. This is the generally hard-to-get 1999 book 'The X-Dossiers', written by respected investigative journalists Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulté and Douglas De Coninck. Page after page they explain how the most important aspects of the whole Dutroux investigation, in which Dutroux ultimately became a minor detail, were manipulated and finally discarded. The book presented the most powerful case possible for a massive cover up. However, there was one thing the authors couldn't do and that was to publish the names of those who had been accused by a whole range of witnesses. The reason is obvious: if the authors would have published these names they would have been paying damages for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...


Please read article from 25 May. Are you suggesting this is also a lie?

Anonymous said...

'The X-Dossiers', written by respected investigative journalists Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulté and Douglas De Coninck

The power of the Dutroux affair and its X-Dossiers is that it will enable anyone to see how a state can be controlled and undermined by a cabal that is able to place its own members in crucial positions in any investigation that might lead to its own exposure. The question of why the majority of the media is so cooperative is the only aspect that cannot be fully explained in this article, although it can be shown that the media is willingly working with official investigators in manipulating and debunking all aspects of an investigation that are not appreciated by the cabal.

Anonymous said...

I do think The Times is a "real newspaper", don't you? I don't think they got paid to report this...

By the way, also from May 25.