Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tapas group met in secret with McCann legal advisers

The group of people that was with the McCann on the night Madeleine disappeared could not agree on the idea of a picture of the meeting being send to the Press, as advisers from the McCann couple have promised to some British newspapers. After it emerged that two of the Tapas nine sent new statements to Portuguese Police, through a London lawyer's office, Clarence Mitchell called all the members of the group, to question them about who gave those new statements and to prepare a meeting of all the group. Initially, the meeting was scheduled for a date very close to Christmas, but as the investigation moved ahead, it was anticipated. Members of the McCann legal team and other advisers were present and participated in the discussions held by the group, who are to be questioned again, soon, by British Police, about the events of May 3.


Eloisa said...

How can they plot without problems!

angela said...

How come we've only heard now...2 weeks after and nobody knew of this?