Saturday, 5 January 2008

Algarve Tourism Board: Increase of UK tourists is the answer to the boycott appeal from Telegraph

“The number of UK tourists increased 8 %, from January to October 2007 and it means that UK tourists have already answered to the appeal to boycott Portugal, as a holiday destination”, according to Mr. António Pina, chairman of Algarve Tourism Board. Asked to comment about the appeal made by Simon Heffer in the Telegraph, to boycott Portugal as a way of showing solidarity to the McCann, Mr. António Pina said also that “it was just an emotional appeal and the British people is rational, those figures show the answer to the boycott is already given.”

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis


Anonymous said...

O Sr. António Pina demonstrou "savoir-faire et être". Bom senso. A experiência da vida ,ajuda.

Eu respondo logo revoltada e emocionalmente.
E apelo ao P.R. que se achar algum comentário meu completamente bronco,que não o publique.
Tenho sempre caixotinhos.E uma coisa é certa: Eu Não "DELETO"- isto é em portinglês!
PR,muito bom trabalho e torço,como muitos,que tudo venha ao de cima e a justiça pela Pequenina seja feita.

Rato Terra

Anonymous said...

WELLCOME to all !!!

Please, please dont leave your kids alone by night, because they can be afraid of dark!

Africanmum said...

Simon Heffer and the racist buffoons at the Daily Telegraph, here is your answer from Britain - You're the past. Obama is about to become USA president so we now live in a world where Heffer is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I have read Heffers article and I am pleased to say that I and my family (from Devon UK) had an excellent Christmas in the Algarve where we have been for five Christmases and New Years so far.As far as I am concerned I am now an ex Telegraph reader and I was pleased to read that UK tourism to Portugal has increased and long may it do so. Quite an extraordinary and ill mannered oaf who owes Portugal an apology sums up the man who wrote the article.

Anonymous said...

Visit Portugal . Do not read the Telegraph!