Monday, 21 January 2008

Attention: if you saw this man, don’t call police!

“If you have any information about the man in the new picture contact the confidential phone line 0034 902 300 213 based in Spain now. A specially-trained team will take your call in any language. Mr Mitchell said: "We urgently need to know who this man is and where he is. For Madeleine's sake, we urge anyone with any information about him to come forward right away." – The News of the World, January 20, 2008


jojo said...

I'm pretty sure this story was manufactured for the media amid reports that PJ was bringing original detective Amaral back to the case. The McCanns of course want to hide this fact.
They must have a whole propaganda team behind them, cuz its really getting crazy how they make up their own news.

Happydog said...

I have to say that to me this should NOT BE ALLOWED. Since when did Clarence Mitchell become the spokesman for the Portuguese Police who are RUNNING A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

Not least that the man might not have anything to do with this but the fact that if he has, well goodbye from him.

This is a disgrace and quite honestly how Clarence Mitchell has the RIGHT to go on Sky T.V. and do a press release and announce this is absolutely appalling imo.

I hope something is done about this and rapidly.

Outono said...

The Lady call herself an expert :

"Mrs Cooper, a community healthcare co-ordinator from Newark, Notts, added:

"In my job I have to assess people and make a judgement. !!!!