Friday, 11 January 2008

British model agency “selling” Madeleine look-alike children

A British company is offering look-alikes of Madeleine McCann to photo sessions. The owner of Juliet Adams Model and Talent Cashing Agency is advertising several blonde girls, very similar to the missing girl, according to the Evening Standard. “This is an offensive way of making money out of Madeleine’s disappearance”, said Clarence Mitchell. “This is deeply offensive to Kate and Gerry. I would urge this woman to think again about what she is doing. We would be horrified if people were to pay for this sort of thing.”
Ms. Juliet-Adams, who runs the company, advertised a photo session with the child for 300 pounds each half-hour. Several parents of Madeleine look-alike children approached the company, Ms Juliet-Adams told the Evening Standard. She refused to apologise to Kate and Gerry and said that she was just doing her job. One of the children is an American girl who, according to the newspaper, “is stopped everywhere and told how much she looks like Madeleine.”


SweetieNastieFundie said...

The following names may or may not be in use by astroturfing gnats on the Mirror forum:

vilipend (10 Aug)
rhodes03 (10 Aug)
vixiana (19 Aug)
poorhorse (20 Aug)

salle (02 Sep)
amplyjustified (03 Sep)
liza5 (06 Sep)
jazzy (09 Sep)
aneone (09 Sep)
verbatim (10 Sep)
therese (11 Sep)
hunnybunny (11 Sep)
punch (13 Sep)
pippi (14 Sep)
sabot (14 Sep)
tsm (14 Sep)
endreas (14 Sep)
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jaffacake (15 Sep)
urcrazy (16 Sep)
nicholass (16 Sep)
chad (17 Sep)
iceni_warrior (17 Sep)
charles7575 (18 Sep)
leeannedevette (20 Sep)
sans_souci (21 Sep)
charoz319 (24 Sep)
ic (29 Sep)

marqueemoon (09 Oct)
lirpaloof (09 Oct)
stumpy (19 Oct)
scandinavia (20 Oct)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the list has been updated.

What about the professional journos'?

Is it time to start naming them ?

I'll start. Lori Campbell, who put the seed in her head, she come out first on the Hatchet Job on Murat.
Did she Know David Payne ?

Or did Clarence, tell her ?

Anonymous said...

So, this is the list of the nice people on the Mirror, I see.

Are you jealous of them? Or just continuing your campaign of cyber-harassment?

Keep it up, I'm having fun following you around, and my Word Doc I'm preparing for the attorneys is getting nice and fat.

jojo said...



Wow, poor Kate and offended.

Anonymous said...

Entrei em choque quando encontrei o link para Juliet Adams Model no google, e ainda mais enojada quando entrei no site e vi o link para uma madeleine lookalike... Que horror estes f.d.p. todos a aproveitarem-se da miséria de uma criança. Depois pensei, de outra forma, com tantos spins será que está estória não é mais uma para adocicar a imagem dos coitadinhos dos pais da madeleine, dos pais que se sabe na mesma altura querem arrecadar mais umas massas num eventual docudrama/filme? Terrível! Seja duma forma ou de outra, eu, infelizmente tornei-me - por exposição em demasia às mentiras e difamações que correm por aqui(na net) - insensível a qualquer apelo feito pelos Mccanns ...

Anonymous said...

Hello Paulo,

Where are the rogatory letters?

The issue was buried under the film deal/Madeleine lookalike news of the last few days. Deliberately, I think.

Where are the letters?

Outono said...

A sick mother is touting her daughter as a £600-an-hour Madeleine McCann lookalike.

Said Daily Star

Sick couple(s)

Sick half world!

Anonymous said...

Owner of agency touting 'Madeleine' lookalike receives death threats

Anonymous said...

From the description of the location that he was given, Mr Correia deduced that Madeleine's body is at the bottom of the Barragem do Arade reservoir, near Silves, 40 miles from Praia da Luz.

Anonymous said...

what rogatory letters? In google news I typed "mccanns, rogatory" and nothing came up. Plenty about the mcanns, but nothing about them and rogatory letters.

Anonymous said...

Few comments in this blog; the portuguese disapeared from here!No comments (from few) not piblished; only anonymous are welcome.
Sad! Very sad!

Anonymous said...

Que se passa? Desinteresse? Falta de qualidade? Outros interesses mais altos se levantam? Muito pobrezinho tudo isto.

Anonymous said...

The rogatory letters have already been sent via Eurojust, apparently.


And according to the Daily Mail

'The legal letters were sent on Monday afternoon by Mr Magalhaes e Menezes through the EU body Eurojust.

British authorities will receive them by the end of the week and will then make preparations to interview the so-called Tapas Nine.'


Plenty of stuff on Google.

Try using these exact search terms:

McCann +rogatory letters

Anonymous said...

so if it is similar to thier child why they dont ask to make a DNA test of that child . we dont no maybe she is realy madeleine just try so that there is a proof. if she is or not .