Thursday, 31 January 2008

Clarence Mitchell briefed by British police about Madeleine’s investigation

The McCann spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, confirmed that he was briefed by British police about the investigation concerning Madeleine McCann disappearance. Mr. Clarence told that he had “private briefings” from British police officials who assured him that British police is treating the case as an abduction. He also said, at a debate on "The McCanns and the Media" at the London School of Economics, that the same British police who briefed him told that they do not consider the McCann suspects in the disappearance her daugther.
"I have also had briefings privately from the police and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre that also gave me complete reassurance that the authorities, in this country certainly, are treating this as a case of rare stranger abduction, as they call it", Clarence Mitchell told, during the debate.


Anonymous said...

Comical Clarrie, he's a nut job ?

Anonymous said...

He thinks he walks on water.

Irina said...

Hope you are well.

I am reading your articles with interest every time.
I am convinced that recent delay is in the interests of the case.

The truth will come out anyway, because of we are here.

Anonymous said...

A dream world of their own creation, it will not be able to sustain itself and they are left as eternal prisoners. Except for the damage done to Maddie, her siblings, and the judicial process, it is somewhat humorous to keep up with this war of the spit wads.

Anonymous said...

Clarence is creepy.

Anonymous said...

Madeleine: Investigation a 'fiasco' as bungling Portuguese police fail to send crucial documents to British authorities
By VANESSA ALLEN - More by this author »

Last updated at 07:45am on 31st January 2008

Outono said...

UF!!! Em 1º lugar,e só neste momento,aqui deixo:


Faz sofrer as pessoas!....

Pelos vistos e ainda bem há quem mais se preocupe consigo.QUE BOM!


Quanto ao clown: muito briefing faz o homem.
Pimenta na língua também lhe ficava super bem.



Outono said...

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) .............................. are treating this as

a case of rare stranger abduction, as they call it..................


Outono said...

Entre gordon castanho e j. só. também houve imensos "briefings".

Não é só o outro.

O nosso também "briefa".Muito.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paulo,

Mr Mitchell's 'work' is appaling to watch. It's good for laughs, but there are days when I despair over the insult that is constantly thrown at our Country, at its people and at the PJ, who have done nothing but their best efforts to find the child, dead or alive, and to bring those responsible for her fate before Justice.

Whether the child was abducted or killed, her parents are ultimately responsible for it. I firmly believe that the PJ have not worked in vain, and that Truth will come out and Justice will be served.

Keep the good work going!

Anonymous said...

Since when and by which means is a spokesperson for two official suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann entitled to benefit from "private briefings" by the British police?

The legality of this briefing is at least questionnable. If not ilicit this briefing raises serious questions about the ethical standards of a british police force (or some of its officers) that is said to be cooperating in this investigation.
And finally, what has this briefing contributed to progressing the investigation and coming closer to the truth of what happened to Madeleine?

Anonymous said...

From Beachy 3A

"It makes me extremely angry when posters on other fora accuse the PJ of trying to fit up the McCanns. Staying with the abduction theory and closing the case when no abductor was apprehended would have been so much easier to do. Then all you would have to worry about, if you were with the PJ, would be a faint gnawing of doubt and unease whenever you thought about it, not hard to push out of one's mind in the midst of many other cases and a busy life.

The PJ, instead, chose to attack this head-on, with all that has meant for their budget, their other cases, the reputation of their organization, and their personal lives. In the first instance, in a nation of only 10 million people, I cannot imagine that they have a huge work force or budget, and I am sure this one case has consumed an entirely disproportionate amount of both manpower and money. After all, people did not stop committing other crimes in Portugal merely because Madeleine disappeared, and somehow those cases must be worked, too.

The bashing they have taken in the UK press, in my opinion, is completely unfair and unwarranted. They are NOT "Keystone Cops." They are, in fact, among the best in Europe, on a par with Scotland Yard or the FBI. If the crime scene was hopelessly contaminated when they got there, then by God, it is the McCanns who are to blame. They are the ones who had the keys to the apartment. How difficult would it have been for one of them to search the place thoroughly whilst the other stood in the door to keep people out, then remove the twins and lock the place till the police arrived to preserve any possible evidence? In view of their actions, especially if Kate was howling any variation of, "They've taken her," as we have heard over and over again, they cannot claim that they did not realise a crime had occurred, so why allow Jack and his dog to go through the place, opening doors and windows, handling things, moving furniture and possibly smudging existing fingerprints? Are the McCanns the only people on the planet who never saw a crime show on television? The trashing of Goncalo Amaral, in my opinion, was especially despicable. The fellow normally works narcotics cases, an occupation performed by those not necessarily known for their polish and suavity. So what? That has nothing whatsoever to do with his being a good, honest cop. The efforts of the British press to pillory him for having a romantic dinner with a woman who turned out to be his wife will go down, in my opinion, as an all-time low in journalism ANYWHERE, not just in Britain. Knowing from personal experience how those things work, I should not be at all surprised if that was not the first night he had off in a month.

Cases like this take an enormous personal toll, which you really cannot understand unless you have done it. Many of the PJ inspectors working on this case have been seconded to Portimao from Lisbon and have been away from home for months. The hours are hellish, the stress unbelievable. There have been press reports of some of them trying to catch a few hours' sleep in the office in Portimao after working through most of the night. Remember the post Frangendapenik wrote on the MF about how people who knew Olegario Sousa could see that his hair was getting visibly grayer at the temples just during the time he was assigned to this case? We know, thanks to the British press, that Goncalo Amaral has a small daughter the same age as Madeleine. Olegario Sousa has small grandchildren. Luis Neves also has small children, as I imagine many of them do. Do you not think that when they finally get to go home for a few hours, they do not look in those little faces and see Madeleine McCann? Of course they do, and they will for the rest of their lives. If they finally get justice for Madeleine, that will help somewhat, but if they do not find her body, they will wake in the middle of the night and think about it forever. I say that from personal experience.

Spudgun wrote a poignant post on the MF cataloguing all the forces that were arrayed in one corner. "And in the other . . . the PJ, and Madeleine McCann." In my opinion that comment was spot on, and it is one of the greatest tragedies in this case. A group of hardworking coppers in another country are more about finding justice for Madeleine than her own country's politicians, press, and even, I believe, her own family.

God bless the Policia Judiciaria, each and every one of them. God bless Paulo Rebelo, Goncalo Amaral, Guilhermino Incarnacao, Olegario Sousa, Luis Neves, Ricardo Paiva, and all the others whose names we do not know, for what they are trying to do for this little innocent child. God bless every prosecutor, secretary, file clerk, administrator, and translator who is working with them. They deserve nothing less than our utmost respect, and our profound thanks, as they try to bring this matter to resolution.

Justice for Madeleine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

you'd think Clarence or the McCanns holding private meetings with the British authorities would be a "no-no".

Maybe he's just saying that for the McCanns' sake, you know, so he extends his mandate...? Cuz if he has half a brain, he must see the same thing everyone else does....

Anonymous said...

Clara is telling porkies again! naughty desperate Clara! I see the story has already been pulled from the DE online, probably at the behest of the police.

ashmed to be british said...

I am ashemed to be British. the british media is the lowest of the lowest rubbish that god on this earth has created.

Paulo please keep up your good work, as people need to know of hos coward the British Journalists and most tabloid newspapers are.


Anonymous said...

Please allow me to take this opportunity to tell the people of Portugal how ashamed we are in Britain of that buffoon they call Clarence Mitchell.

Thank you PJ for your determination and steadfast approach in seeking justice for Madeleine.

My family and I will be holidaying in your lovely Country in August.

Go PJ!!!

Anonymous said...

Clarence = Darth Vader

very "manipulative".

Anonymous said...

485 complaints to the British Press Complaints Commission about Tony Parson's "Oh, Up Yours Senor!" report. I am sure that the hollier than thou Clarence Mitchell, who is also a police spokesman, also complained as part of his campaign to purge the media of shoddy and sloppy reporting.

Anonymous said...

From LSE

The McCanns and the Media

Anonymous said...

now all the articles in the news are about what CM said about the media....yes VERY manipulative...and scary.

Anonymous said...

Well said beachy, keep up the good work.

And you also Paulo.

People of Portugal, we British support you 100%, we are ashamed of our Journalists and MP'S

Vive la truth

Anonymous said...

from Beachy 3A

"The current situation is a different matter. In my opinion, if Mr. Mitchell is telling the truth and has received "private briefings" from the police regarding an ongoing criminal investigation, there is something very seriously amiss. I should think that the primary onus of responsibility would be on whatever coppers may be involved. I was a copper for almost 30 years, and that isn't on. Period. One does not provide a private briefing for a paid press aide to someone who has been formally named as suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation. That is so far off the mark that I find just the possibility breath-taking. It is particularly disturbing since we know that there are British police who have worked on the case, and the possibility that one or more of them may be having ex parte discussions with someone close to the suspects about what they learnt whilst actively involved in the investigation is potentially criminal, in my opinion. I have seen people sacked for far, far less.

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this, the sooner the better. It is possible that Mr. Mitchell is full of sound and fury signifying nothing, and all that occurred was a few drinks at the pub with a copper friend from his journo days who has never been involved with the case, knows nothing about the evidence, and was offering his opinion as a private citizen on his off-duty hours. The police, like other citizens, can and do have opinions about cases in which they are not involved, but they should know enough not to express them in ways that can be interpreted by the public as misuse of official information if said opinions should come to light. If that's all that's ado here, a slap on the wrist to the copper and a stern reminder to his fellows would be all that's required.

If, however, Mr. Mitchell is taking actions designed to elicit information from friends in the police about evidence that exists against the McCanns, that comes perilously close, in my opinion, to perverting the course of justice. If one of the many lawyers involved in this mess is representing Mr. Mitchell, someone in authority from the police complaints commission, ACPO, Scotland Yard, or the Leicestershire constabulary (if it appears that is who he was talking about) should have a little talk with Mr. Mitchell's attorney and make it clear that he should tell his client to stuff a sock in it and stay away from officers who have been involved in the case or are in a position to have any information about the evidence. I hope that someone in a position of authority in the UK police has the intestinal fortitude to do just that. If not, in my opinion we are in much, much worse shape in this country than any of us thought."

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo

Are you aware that the McCanns now claim on their official website that the man seen by Gail Cooper is the "probable abductor." There is nothing to base this statement on. It is a lie that must be exposed Paulo.

Take a look:

Kytasau said...


In light of the fact that the UK press:

1. Continually portray the investigative officers as incompetent

2. Grossly mislead the public by omission of known facts in stories

3. Publicize misleading statements (ie. Clarence's latest "briefing by the police" which in actual fact was done months before the McCanns were made suspects)

4. A public forum was closed down at the behest of a media consultant

In light of this Paulo, there is an opportunity for a journalist to write a critical analysis of the reporting to date and how it is being used to 'manufacture consent'. Are you willing to bite, Paulo?


Anonymous said...

ferret 3A
Post subject: Clarence - Police & CEOP briefings B4 he went to PDLPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:41 pm

I have just listened to the part of the Podcast where Clarence mentions the Police & CEOP briefings assuring him the authorities are treating this as abduction.

It is at about 24-50 he says before I went out the first time - so to me I take that he is talking about back in May well before they were made aguidos - so once again hes giving the impression something has happened recently when in fact it happened even prior to the PJ suspecting K & G

Anonymous said...

Wars have been fought on less.
Truth is coming to pierce the veil of illusion.
It is time...................Have faith.