Wednesday, 2 January 2008

“Desperate” McCann behind recent news about Murat

Francisco Pagarete, the lawyer of “arguido” Robert Murat, denied the story published today on a news website,, signed by Toby Serter, about his client having been arrested again by Portuguese police.“This is completely false”, Mr. Pagarete told, accusing the McCann of being behind the recent revelation of new witnesses that claim they saw Robert Murat near Ocean Club the night Madeleine disappeared: “All of this is just evidence of how desperate the McCann are”, Mr. Pagarete said.
Meanwhile, detectives from Metodo 3 said today they have another “significant” clue of Madeleine in Morocco which is being investigated by the company. The Spanish detective company promised before to bring Madeleine back on time for Christmas, but wasn't able to fulfil the promise. Last week, Christian Ridout, a former British resident of Praia da Luz that Metodo 3 said was the last of a list of 52 supposed paedophiles from UK being investigated, was found to be innocent. Ridout, allegedly accused of sending explicit sexual messages to a 12 years old child, left Praia da Luz more than two years ago but never had any warrant with European police forces.
The fund to find Madeleine is spending 50 thousand pounds a month in payments to Metodo 3, Control Risk Group and other advisers hired by the McCann and the money is dwindling fast, according to Clarence Mitchell. It has been reported that the McCann could start to demand fees for interviews of even accept a book deal, but Clarence Mitchell told Daily Mail that “there would be no deals for exclusive interviews or anything else that 'smacked of showbiz''. Clarence Mitchell also denied reports about the possibility of Kate and Gerry McCann returning to Portugal, soon, unless the Portuguese police formally requests their presence.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis


Tom said...

Here's a interesting comment about Mr. Serter reports in a Forum of an UK newspaper:
Reina, the Competa, Spain story you quote below is from Toby Serter who submits articles to Functionpix - which accepts articles from members of the general public. Toby Serter, has, I am sorry to say, been posting false reports for a month or two now. His last report was that the DNA on the bottle found in Tongeren, Belgium (scene of an alleged sighting) MATCHED Madeleine's DNA. Of course we all now know it didn't. I've already discussed the matter with site owner Mr Molliere (a London based photographer). He was kind enough to accept that Mr Serter's reports are sometimes wide of the mark and that he will be keeping a closer eye on his submissions in future. Mr Serter appears to have made the whole thing up (he quotes the news comes from Portugese news reports - it does not).

There was, however, a sighting a few days later further east.

Mr Serter appears to be well known for such bogus 'reports'.

I fell for it hook, line and sinker too. "

Eloisa said...

Hoi Paulo,

I have already posted the Spanish translation in Esplendor
Kind regards,

Anonymous said...


Do you know a Mr Lloyd?

Outono said...

The couple are completly desperate by to get, now, english bad people.
Because they where so rudeness to the portugueses...

Oh,yes my portinglês seems like the potinglês from a child.
But my thought is not like a child.
Pardon by portinglês.

I think than PR will have again a lot of material about...this stupid case.

Tom said...

There is a new statement from Mr.Serter :
I am not at liberty to reveal my sources of information but can assure everyone here that I act upon information obtained directly from the sources connected with the case in Praia Da Luz in Portugal. Unlike some other tabloid journalists, I only report on stories that I know are real and that I am confident of. If the news concerning Murat's arrest has not yet been made public, then you only have to wait and see.
And some answers of Mr. Tuck Price, if this is really the Tuck Price we all known.