Thursday, 17 January 2008

Dogs used in Madeleine’s case found evidence of a murder

The two British sniffer dogs used to uncover evidence of Madeleine’s death, in Portugal, were used by police looking for farmer Kate Prout. Officers refused to comment but, according to ThisisGloucertshire news site, the two dogs found evidence that the farmer’s wife, who disappeared before Christmas, is dead. A non-identified 45-year-old man, believed to be Mr Prout, was arrested and remains on police bail.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I make a comment here.

What I said is like :
" Upstairs,downstairs" ,a britih tv serie,very good and show very well the diferences between the social classes.

So, to the poors will be one thing;
to the rich people will be another solution. My afraid.

Anonymous said...


From sos Madeleine McCann:
McCann: Interrogatoires retardées par decision britannique
Une source interne de l’Home Office britannique à confirmé hier soir que les lettres rogatoires des autorités portugaises, demandant l’interrogatoire de plusieurs britanniques, notamment les amis du couple McCann, sont bien arrivés mais que le secrétaire d'Etat à l'Intérieur, Jacqui Smith, avait décidé de ne pas leur accorder une réponse immédiate. (à suivre)
McCann : Secret de justice jusqu’en septembre

L’enquête à la disparition de Madeleine McCann restera en secret de justice jusqu’au 15 septembre 2008, d’après une décision du juge Pedro Frias, en charge du dossier. La décision aurait été prise car le juge à considérée que les délais ne doivent compter qu’après l’adoption du nouveau Code de Procès Pénal. Il n’y a pas de recours possible contre cette décision du magistrat. (à suivre)

Anonymous said...

You mix rich and status outono. The two are very different. In todays celebrity world keeping in with rising social climbers, media chiefs, and politicians is worth more than being born into upper class society. Lets not forget how poor the backgrounds are of inner city Liverpool and Glasgow.

Rich is having excess income. Being socially mobile depends on the contacts list who want something from you in time. Money it is usually, or hangers on.

Or free publicity. More valuable than a knighthood are connections in the right places.

Anonymous said...

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