Sunday, 13 January 2008

Doubts about new detective company

Hogan International is not up to the job of finding Madeleine, according to the Sunday Express. The private detectives company, hired by the McCann to replace Metodo 3, “simply does not have the resources or the back-up to conduct a major investigation”, according to a former Scotland Yard Officer who has given advice to the McCann. The same source told Sunday Express that Leicester Police is now conducting investigations, in UK, requested by Portuguese police.

The McCann legal team is now preparing the defence of the couple against what they expect will be charges related to a murder, soon. A source close to the family told the Sunday Express that “the investigation is working towards a resolution and we have to consider that Madeleine may have been murdered. We have been working to the theory she may have been killed and all the possible scenarios are being considered.”

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Anonymous said...

Police 'search pet crematorium in the Canary Islands for Madeleine's remains'