Thursday, 17 January 2008

Find the body?

I’ve been looking at old post, at my page, and I realized that several links finish at empty pages. Among those links are stories in the British Press about the challenge the McCann made to police, when they went back to UK – “Find the body and prove we killed her." Is it my impression or the story seems to have vanished from the Net?


Irina said...

Outono said...

Nice Irina!
But,probabbly some one atack the Paulo´s Blog.
And we remember the Gerry face, freezing our blood!
Paulo,search again,calm.

Anonymous said...


Interesting thread:

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Anonymous said...

Daily Express, September 14th, 2007

'But in a signal that the McCanns are prepared to fight to prove their innocence, they issued a challenge to Portuguese detectives yesterday, saying: “Find the body and prove we killed her.” '

jojo said...

Hi I been looking for more news or even old news about that lawyer that was representing two of the Tapas 7 members who wanted to go against the you remember that news? I can't find anything, and haven't heard anything further.