Monday, 21 January 2008

Gerry McCann: Jane recognized the man in the new sketch

In spite of admitting, on October last year, she couldn’t recognize the man she allegedly saw carrying a child, Jane Tanner “has been shown these sketches of the man. She feels he has a strong resemblance to the man she saw on May 3rd.carrying the child away”, Gerry McCann wrote in his blog. According to the Daily Mail of October 28, 2007, “the key witness in the hunt for Madeleine McCann has admitted she would not recognise the man she says abducted the four-year-old” because she “only got a fleeting glimpse of him. Jane has been asked if the man could have been Robert Murat, because the man was walking in the direction of his home, but there's no way she could know that."

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Anonymous said...

Have you nothing better to do other than scouring the reams of articles written about the McCanns? I suppose if the same thing happened to you God forbid, you would have a photographic memory and recall every word and event off pat! People like you, and there are an ever growing number of you climbing on the Slate the McCann Bandwaggon, make most normal thinking and feeling people feel sick. Have you never heard of the word Compassion?