Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A good way to “bury” bad news

The day after stories about new evidence against the McCann were published all over the world, Clarence Mitchell goes on record and talks about something that happened one month ago – a meeting with representatives of a company that is interested in a movie about Madeleine. Also today, it was revealed that cabinet minister Peter Hain failed to declare "tens of thousands of pounds" of political donations, heaping further embarrassment on Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Just a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

“The news has triggered fears detectives are ready to charge Mr and Mrs McCann”

Anonymous said...

Friend of McCanns in Secret Talks

A friend of Gerry and Kate McCann has reportedly been in secret talks with the Portuguese Police, a source close to the investigation has revealed.
The man who cannot be named for legal reasons is believed to have dined with the McCanns on May 3rd when their daughter, Madeleine, was allegedly abducted.
The talks come just days before the group of nine friends are expected to be quizzed by British police over the events of May 3rd.
It is believed that the friend has decided to change his story given to police following new information that point to the McCann’s possible involvement in the death of Madeleine.
“The police are looking for a corpse and not an abductor,” a source claimed. “All the pieces of the jigsaw are now in place and charges seem more likely than at any other time.”
Meanwhile DNA tests on blood samples taken from the McCann’s holiday apartment and hire car have been confirmed as belonging to Madeleine, following the release of a detailed forensic report. Independent DNA tests carried out by the McCann’s own experts have been dismissed as “laughable,” as the car had already been forensically stripped by police. The results of the blood tests confirm police suspicions that the McCanns simulated an abduction after killing Madeleine in the holiday apartment.