Tuesday, 22 January 2008

An interesting change

“So how useful is the latest sketch? Any major media release has the ability to seriously hamper an investigation, although this tends to be the case early on in an investigation rather than nine months in. In this case it may well be a very useful tactic and help kick start a stagnant investigation. Sadly the Portuguese police are giving the sketch no credibility - whatever information it may generate. It will therefore fall for Metodo3 to follow up on the many leads - and hopefully they will have learnt some lessons and keep quiet this time.” - Sky News, Mark Williams-Thomas


Irina said...

What Metodo learned is that there are a lot of fools in England that are ready to pay money for a fraud.
Metodo will not stop, until the money will dry out. GB should be renamed into GF.

guerra said...

In North America an impartial jury of 12 is selected from the public, hopefully they will have no prior knowledge of the case they will be adjudicating. I do not know how the British judicial system works, but I assume it is similar. I started thinking of all the latest developments, a gypsy child disappearing, the presentation of this sketch to the media, all this, soon after it is announced that the Portuguese police are awaiting the response to their formal request to interrogate the couple and their friends. The disappearance of the gypsy child may well be legitimate but you never know. My take on this matter is that all this is to cast doubt in the mind of the public, the same public from which a jury will be selected. I wonder how many impartial minds can be found in Britain after being exposed to this media circus. Because of these developments I believe that the McCanns and their entourage expect that the Portuguese police will lay charges and that this case will go to trial.

jojo said...

I have been reading the latest news and I can't believe there are still so many fools out there falling for this newest "suspect"... also, I just read that they are linking him to Robert Murat, who I'm feeling REALLY REALLY sorry for. I just can't believe this whole thing, its so rediculous.

Anonymous said...

Reading most of the internet forums - even those from the biased British media - we can see that most comments are very sceptical towards the McCanns. I think the whole spin is starting to backfire and most people no longer believe in any statements made by Team McCann.
However, I continue to find it frightening that the McCanns still have so much power with the media, despite public opinion being so negative - this sketch was broadcast by all major international TV channels, including CNN, BBC, And of course Sky and its sister FOX.
This means that CM and McC will keep on driving their smearing campaign against Portugal and its police. They won't give up any time soon.

Doughnut said...

How the media has not picked up on this I really don't know. Compare and contrast the following statements:

Gail Cooper (Social/Healthcare Worker - Praia Da Luz witness)

"In my job I have to assess people and make a judgement. My judgement is that this man was very suspicious and could have been the kidnapper everyone is searching for."


Katleen Sampermans (Social Worker - Belgium witness)

""She said that because of her work as a child therapist she had noticed that the people's behaviour was not that of normal parents"

Interestingly, both witnesses draw attention to their work in the social and healthcare fields to lend weight to their statements ...

I seem to recall that Mari Olli Pollard (Morocco witness, May 2007) was a retired Social/Healthcare Worker too ...


The Sun has removed a couple of details in the above report.

Until recently, Morocco witness Mari Olli Pollard lived in Groby in Leicester with her British husband, Raymond - just several minutes drive from the McCanns in Rothley.

Gerry's Glenfield Hospital is even closer - just 4 miles away. The Hospital is even on Groby Road.

Police are alleged to have established a link between the McCanns and the Pollards.

Aren't there a number of Pollards in Leicestershire who have stood as Liberal Democrat MPs? I saw a Raymond Pollard in a list of candidates online.

Also Gail Cooper (new 'witness') lives in Newark, Nottingham - just a short drive from Latham House Medical Practice in Melton-Mowbray where Kate McCann works as a locum GP.

Coordinators? Sugeries? Locum GP's? Similar witness statements?

Just how many Social and Healthcare workers connected to areas in which the McCanns have lived are likely to come forward as witnesses?

What are the chances of this happening?

Isn't it true that Richard Wallace - Editor of the McCann's favourite tabloid, The Daily Mirror - started out with Leicester Mercury?

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on the McScams form the Spectator Magazine:


Anonymous said...

This article says POLICE released the sketch..is that true?: